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Doodle Jump makes deal with Universal, gets movie tie-in

Here's an interesting story out of Macworld this week. Doodle Jump, recently featured as the Top Paid App of all time, is going to Hollywood, but not quite in the way you might think. Rather than a Doodle Jump movie, the movies are instead coming to Doodle Jump, as Universal has announced a deal to...

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Hyundai Equus now comes with an iPad

If you're willing to spent 5 grand on an iPad, why not cough up an additional 50 and get one sweet accessory: A Hyundai Equus. For a limited time, Hyundai is cashing in on the iPad frenzy by offering one to every customer who buys a 2011 Equus. Rather than just tossing it on the back seat, the iP...

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iPad devsugar: Moving beyond your 50 promo codes

iPadpalooza is in full swing. If you're like a lot of devs, you're quickly moving through (if not past) your 50 promo code limit per application version. If marketing now is important to you, don't forget that you can gift applications through iTunes. After all is said and done, this will cost ...

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GDC 2010: How to develop an app with EA Mobile

For the first panel of day two here at the 2010 Game Developers Conference's iPhone gaming track, Oliver Miao of Centerscore Studios took the stage to talk about working on Surviving High School for the iPhone as a part of Electronic Arts' Mobile division. As Miao made clear early on, he's an "insi...

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Ten crazy iPhone cases

I ended up going with an iSkin Revo for my iPhone as a thin little protective case, but now that I've seen some of these crazy cases, I'm reconsidering just a little bit. Who wouldn't want to encase your iPhone in what appears to be bacon, or try out the tactile iPhone case above (which transmits ...

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