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Tax protesters at London Apple Store

Comedian Mark Thomas, together with about 50 activists, took to Apple's retail store on Regent Street in London to protest Apple's penchant for tax avoidance. Of course, all taxpayers -- both corporations and individuals -- do all they can to minimize their tax liability within the confines of the...

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Protesters claim credit for Apple's January announcement of FLA inspections

Protest groups Change.org and SumOfUs.org recently delivered boxes containing 250,000 petition signatures to the Grand Central Terminal Apple Store, demanding that Apple investigate and improve worker conditions in Chinese factories. Now that inspections have begun, those same groups are claiming v...

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Foxconn server hacked, CEO's password revealed

Hacker group SwaggSec took a swipe at Foxconn when it broke into the company's servers. The group stole login information and documents, both of which were promptly leaked to the internet. SwaggSec claimed the information would let individuals place fake orders using accounts from Dell, Apple, IBM...

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Apple Store employees accept petitions from protesters

Slightly over a dozen protesters from Change.org and SumofUS delivered a petition signed by more than 250,000 people to the Grand Central Terminal Apple Store today. Both organizations are urging Apple to improve working conditions at factories run by its overseas suppliers, particularly Foxconn's...

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US Uncut group to target Apple with protests on June 4

If you see a group of people dancing in front of your local Apple store next weekend, don't be alarmed. Steve Jobs didn't make a surprise visit to the store and, no, Apple isn't launching another product. They are just protesters from the US Uncut group. The grassroots movement is upset with ...

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Protesters plank outside Foxconn's shareholder meeting

Protesters are planking outside a Foxconn shareholder meeting to demand higher wages and voice their dissatisfaction with the company's treatment of its employees. Planking is a trendy new activity that involves people laying face down on the ground with arms by their side for fun, or in this c...

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Labor dispute with Apple display supplier intensifies

After gathering in front of Apple's offices in Taiwan earlier this week, protesters are now demanding a substantive response from Apple by the end of the month regarding alleged workplace labor and safety violations at Wintek, one of Apple's display component suppliers. Labor groups associated with ...

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The Silent Keynote Campaign

The Apple keynote address at Macworld Expo is usually a boisterous affair, full of cheering, applause, and anxious chatter about new products. With 2009 being the last year of Apple's attendance at Macworld Expo, Lesa Snider King thinks that a silent protest might send a message to Apple's leadershi...

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