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This Apple portable desktop prototype would make you the ultimate hipster at Starbucks

MacBooks are great and all, but this 1980s prototype for a portable computer definitely challenges today's portable Macs for overall cool factor. Less a laptop and more of a desktop-on-the-go, the prototype is housed at Frog Design in San Francisco. You'll never get your hands on it, but just...

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Early iPhone prototype with 5x7-inch display

Most leaked iPhone prototypes have been run-of-the-mill devices that resemble the iPhone we know and love. This latest leak from Ars Technica reveals the tablet roots of our favorite smartphone. These prototype images originated from 2005 and show an iPhone with a 5 x 7-inch display and a...

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CES: BodyMedia introduces a new Core 2 fitness tracker, with some other interesting ideas

BodyMedia has become a regular stop on our annual CES tour -- the company introduced its first Bluetooth-enabled, smartphone-connected fitness tracker a few years ago -- and since then, they told us this year here in Las Vegas, the smartphone versions of the tracker are outselling more...

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Unreleased Apple products revealed in Hartmut Esslinger's upcoming book

Hartmut Esslinger founded Frog Design, the firm responsible for some of Apple's most iconic products of the 1980s, including the Apple IIGS and the Macintosh II. Now the legendary designer behind the "Snow White" design language is providing a rare glimpse at some of his work that never saw the...

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Rare iPhone prototype lands on eBay

Spotted on eBay by 9to5Mac is a rare iPhone 4 prototype that's running Apple's Switchboard testing software. The device looks just like an iPhone 4 with a few modifications. Noticeably absent are the two screws at the bottom of the device, the +/- on the volume buttons and the Apple logo....

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How the iPhone surprise was almost given away by Steve Jobs

Apple's curtain of secrecy surrounding new products is almost legendary, but a former Apple employee passed along a story to Business Insider's Seth Fiegerman about how the secret of the iPhone was almost revealed to the world -- by Steve Jobs. The setting for the story was at the house of...

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More iPhone prototypes revealed to disprove Sony design influence

Samsung and Apple face off in court this week when jury selection in their big patent infringement trial begins in the US. As the two gear up for their legal battle, tech journalists are still pulling out prototype images, emails and other information from the briefs that reveal a side of Apple...

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iPhone and iPad prototypes show Apple's roads not taken

It turns out the prototype iPad we saw last week was just the tip of the iceberg in the Apple versus Samsung "patent trial of the century." Newly released photos from the case (courtesy of The Verge) show a wide variety of CAD drawings, mockups, and prototypes of both the iPhone and the iPad....

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Mega-iPad prototypes revealed in Jony Ive's 2011 deposition now in color

Hefty. Ample. Zaftig. An iPod hit with an Engorgio Charm. Pick your adjective and go with it, because this honest-to-Ive iPad prototype was just plain big. It looked like a chopped-off MacBook's top half, but it probably wouldn't have seemed out of place on Batman's bedside table. How did...

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Image of an early iPad prototype surfaces

While digging through pages of legal documents in the design lawsuit between Apple and Samsung, Yoni Heisler of Network World made a surprising discovery. Buried in the back and forth bantering of the legal team were several images of a prototype iPad that was created in the early...

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Apple iPad prototype with dual charging docks listed on eBay

From time to time, Apple prototype devices will make their way to eBay. Usually, they're iterations of the device's final design, but this latest one to hit the auction site is really different - it's an iPad with two dock connectors. As noted by MacRumors, the tablet device includes a...

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Ultra-rare Apple WALT up for grabs on eBay

TUAW readers who are into collecting Apple devices are going to love this eBay find: a prototype of an unreleased product from 1993. The Apple WALT (Wizzy Active Lifestyle Telephone) was introduced at Macworld Boston in '93, the same venue where the ill-fated Newton MessagePad first went on sale....

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Engadget examines iPad prototype parts

I don't know about you, but I woke up this morning with a great deal of excitement -- this is the week we'll find out about the next-generation iPad. Our sister site Engadget is feeding the excitement with a hands-on look at some iPad prototype parts that they acquired through the good graces of...

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Incipio shows off licensed, interchangeable, and battery charger cases at CES

Incipio had a nice booth on the show floor at CES this year, and kindly showed TUAW some of its new offerings in the world of iPhone cases and spare batteries. The latest and greatest news from Incipio is licensed cases -- the company has secured licenses to print cases with art from Magic: The...

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Apple security chief John Theriault reportedly retiring

Apple's vice president of global security, John Theriault, has left the company. In the wake of the investigation into the whereabouts of a lost iPhone 4S prototype earlier this year in which Apple's security personnel allegedly impersonated San Francisco police officers, many believe that...

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