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Growl 2.0 works with Mountain Lion notifications

Good news for Growl users running Mountain Lion. The notification system has been updated to version 2.0 with support for OS X's built-in Notification Center. Now you can choose to have messages pop up in Growl or get pushed to Notification Center, keeping everything in one place. Also, Growl ha...

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iPhone receives push notifications from real-world mailbox

Sure, push notification is nothing new for iPhone users. But when was the last time that you received notification that real-live mail -- the kind made of atoms, not bits -- has shown up in your mailbox? One of the new evil geniuses at Make Magazine online, Matt Richardson, decided he'd like to get...

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Push Growl notifications to iPhone with Prowl

If you've seen a string of notifications pop up on your screen and then gracefully fade away, you've probably seen Growl; it's the open source & popular system-wide framework that allows applications to let you know when something happens. For instance, a Growl notification might appear to info...

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