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Jobs clears up proximity sensor fix, white iPhone 4, and international plans at press conference

Steve Jobs cleared up a few pending iPhone 4 issues quickly near the end of today's press conference today. First, he said that Apple would be releasing a software fix soon for the proximity sensor issues customers have been experiencing. A fix for that problem would be available in the next softwa...

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Is your iPhone 4 exhibiting proximity sensor issues?

I happened by a mirror while talking on the iPhone 4 last night and saw my screen lighting up, turning off and lighting up again erratically. I observed the behavior, worst when holding the phone in my left hand, for the duration of the call. I was more than a little irritated, as this was a featur...

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Purported pics of next-gen iPhone front face surface

iResQ, the iPhone/iPod repair site, has posted pics of what they claim is the front faceplate of the next-gen iPhone. Two things about this piece of hardware are particularly interesting. First, the part is approximately 1/4 of an inch taller than the iPhone 3GS, indicative of a slightly taller form...

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