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MacBeacon and Locate for iBeacon: An inexpensive way for developers to design and test iBeacons

iBeacons are a hot topic and getting hotter. It seems like we're hearing a lot about retailers and others who are chomping at the bit to use the short-range, highly focused location technology for things as varied as in-building directions or targeted advertising. But how are developers able to st...

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The iPhone 4 Apple Press Event metaliveblog

Apple Press Event Welcome to our iPhone 4 live press conference event! Today we'll be metaliveblogging Apple's iPhone 4 announcements, adding our traditional TUAW twist to the proceedings. Will Steve Jobs offer a $29 bounty or free bumpers to all early iPhone 4 adopters? Or will the iPhone 4 its...

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Why Apple has a split personality when it comes to keeping iPhone owners happy

After shelling out top dollar, the customers felt betrayed and angry. The shine on the company's new flagship product was tarnished. The remedy wasn't cheap... and the CEO stepped up and spoke to those irate early adopters. "We want to do the right thing for our valued customers. We apologize for d...

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Proximity sensor woes caused by reflective ear canal

Following the recent release of iPhone 4 several of you reported an issue with the proximity sensor running amok during your calls. Our poll results were dead even with 50.1% of readers seeing issues and 49.9% having no problems. At the time I considered myself in the all-clear category, but recent...

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RFID coming to iPhones?

Photo courtesy of flickr: Thijs Jacobs Back in April 2009, TUAW's Dave Caolo posted a video showing off the potential (and some of the potential annoyances as well) and possibilities of an RFID-enabled iPhone world via an iPhone RFID prototype b...

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Patent Roundup: 'Hover' touch surfaces, liquid-cooled laptops

Two Apple patent filings have piqued interest this week: One for a touch surface that detects where your finger is hovered above it, and another for a liquid-cooled laptop. The hover surface works by measuring light reflected off your finger at various wavelengths to figure out where it is over the...

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Apple acquires Proximity

According to Proximity's website, Apple has bought out all Proximity technology including their artbox workgroup and artbox enterprise products. Proximity's artbox is used to provide a single pro-level catalog content management system for both graphics and video clips. Its video asset management is...

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Meetro released for OS X

Location based social-networking is a concept that has been bouncing around the net for a while now. The idea is to make getting together and interacting with people easier by sorting users by--or simply displaying--their geographic proximity to you. Services such as dodgeball have become hugely suc...

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