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Another stealth tethering app will probably be pulled off the App Store any second... (Updated)

Update: It's been yanked. These things tend not to survive long in the wild, but it's your $2, have fun: audio capture iPhone app DiscoRecorder apparently has a secret, and it's an Easter egg proxy server. If you follow a rather rococo set of network config steps (detailed by 9to5Mac), make a...

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Ron Sugar wins board member popularity contest

OK, weekend pop quiz! Quick, who's the most popular member of the Apple board with shareholders? Head-scratching allowed, coffee may be taken, think hard, no taking peeks at the illustration or headline here...Well, if you answered 'Steve Jobs', you're probably human. And if you're an anonymous fi...

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MobileMe control panel for Windows helps with proxy servers

Yesterday, Apple released MobileMe Control Panel for Windows 1.4, recommended for users on corporate networks that use proxy servers. Some users were reporting errors when trying to sync contacts and calendars, or were unable to log into the MobileMe control panel at all. This update sorts that out...

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Secure Your Mac: Untrusted networks and how to deal with them

To tell the unvarnished truth, I have to admit that I'm pretty lax on security for my computers. I don't do anything crazy like open email attachments from people I don't know, and I always double check the address bar of websites before I punch my password in. Even so, on a scale of 1 to 10, I'd sa...

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