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Court refuses request to review Psystar case

You have to give Psystar credit for being tenacious. The Mac clone company spent four years fighting Apple and took its legal battle all the way to the Supreme Court. According to a CNET report, the Supreme Court on Monday refused Psystar's request to review a lower court decision that prevents t...

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Apple loses bid to keep information sealed in Psystar case

In its ongoing suit against unauthorized Mac clone maker Psystar, Apple has been denied in its bid to keep certain information about OS X sealed from public view. According to Bloomberg, Judge William Alsup noted that information Apple claims are "trade secrets" are already publicly available on ...

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Apple awarded key win over Psystar

It's been a long time since we've heard anything from Psystar, the company responsible for making unauthorized Mac clones in 2008. Apple sued the company into the bedrock due to it selling PC hardware with OS X pre-installed, a violation of Apple's OS X licensing agreement. Psystar has made num...

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Apple and Psystar still battling in court

Like a league of zombies that just won't go away, Mac clone maker Psystar just keeps coming back for more punishment. In the most recent chapter of this ongoing courtroom drama, Psystar filed an Opening Brief with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in its request for an appeal to the permanent i...

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Psystar files one more appeal in court

They're like cockroaches! Psystar is back yet again, this time filing yet another appeal against yet another injunction by Apple telling them that they can no longer sell their unauthorized OS X PCs. As previously reported, they've been on Apple's bad legal side for a long time, and the last injunct...

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Psystar's new business: selling T-shirts

Dear Psystar: just give it up already. After updating their website this weekend announcing that they are voluntarily suspending the sale of their Rebel EFI software, Psystar has decided to take another business route – selling T-shirts. Yes, for the bargain price of only $14.99 you can ...

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Psystar's lawyer: Psystar not done yet

Last night on the Talkcast, we talked about the big news last week that Psystar seemed to be down for the count, and the consensus was that we'd heard the last of them. But not so fast: their lawyer now says that they're not calling it quits just yet. The company that has gotten pummeled by Apple f...

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Psystar shuts down

After Apple's sweeping permanent injunction, Psystar has officially ceased operations. The company's CEO Rudy Pedraza told the Dow Jones Newswire last night that he is "shutting things down immediately." The company has also released its eight employees, and shuttered its website last night. The ...

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So long, Psystar - permanent injunction halts Mac clone biz

What ride, eh? In what may have provided more blog fodder than a golfer hitting a tree, the end may have finally come for the storied life of Pystar's Mac clone business. AppleInsider, Gizmodo and The Loop are reporting U.S. District Judge William Alsup just put the smackdown on Psystar's selling of...

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Psystar's Mac clones all sold out

It didn't take long, but it seems that sometime in the night, following their agreement with Apple, Psystar has mysteriously run out of stock on all of their Mac clones. Apparently their settlement with Apple on the order of $2,000,000USD has caused them to accept defeat. Given that they only sold 7...

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Apple, Psystar reach partial settlement

Details are still sketchy, but apparently Apple and Psystar have reached partial settlement in the ongoing saga between the two companies. It appears that in return for paying Apple unspecified damages on its copyright claims (most of which were ruled in Apple's favor in a summary judgment motion la...

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Psystar's predictions... they're a bit off

More and more information is coming out about Psystar and their legal issues with Apple. Some new documents have been leaked with some numbers and predictions from Psystar themselves. According to these documents, the company planned on selling 1.45 million Mac clone computers by 2011. The actua...

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Talkcast tonight: Inside the Psystar summary judgement

We're back tonight after an unexpected week off due to a headcold, and we're diving into the Psystar summary judgment with Lauren to sort out the difference between a copyright, a EULA, and a bright shiny object. We'll be live at 10 pm ET, so call on in. To participate on TalkShoe, you can use...

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Dear Barrister TUAW: Psystar, matters of fact, and appellate cases

Dear Auntie Barrister TUAW, I've been following your coverage of the Psystar case and I'm a little confused by the discussion on your last post. I've always thought the original case to be one of fact and an appellate case one of law. This, to me, would mean that in the appellate process they wou...

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Psystar dealt crushing blow in ongoing legal proceedings with Apple

Yesterday, Judge William Alsup, United States District Judge for the Northern District of California, dealt Psystar a crushing blow in its ongoing litigation with Apple over whether or not Psystar could market and sell non-Apple computers running modified copies of Apple's operating system. If you'r...

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