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KCRW app launches music discovery

KCRW is a Los Angeles-based public radio station with a history of introducing new artists to listeners. Keeping with this tradition, the radio station now has an iPad app called Music Mine that'll let you dig deep into their catalog and find new music. Similar to other music apps like Bandit...

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NPR News app updated, improved

The NPR News app [iTunes link] is quickly becoming a jack of all trades for news junkies and those wanting a quick fix of their favorite NPR program. The latest version, 1.1, adds sharing of stories via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail. You can now pause radio programs, as well as fast forward and r...

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NPR debuts official iPhone app

There are few public radio apps out there, but the official NPR News app [iTunes link] takes some of the best features of these offerings and goes one step beyond. NPR News app was developed by Bottle Rocket Apps, the same folks who brought us Gas Buddy and a number of other well-executed iPhone ...

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Second look: Public Radio Tuner for iPhone

American Public Radio has updated and improved its free app for listening to public radio streams on the iPhone/iPod touch. We had a look at the first version in early December, and the criticisms Megan Lavey noted in her review have been addressed. Public Radio Tuner [app store link] has access to...

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First Look: Public Radio Tuner

Whenever I'm not listening to my iPod in the car, I'm usually have my radio tuned to National Public Radio, where I get my fix of classical and jazz music. American Public Media has created an iPhone app that caters to those of us who want to listen to a particular NPR station, but don't happen to b...

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