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Strata is a colorful, relaxing puzzler with a unique personality

Strata is a puzzle game like none that I've ever played, and since I spend a good deal of my time specifically looking for unique puzzle games on the App Store, that's saying something. There are no fun little characters, no bright lights or flashy graphics; it's just colorful ribbons and some soo...

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Daily iPhone App: Fold is the most original iOS puzzler in years

As iPhone puzzle games go, Fold is a bit of a strange duck. It's not particularly flashy or funny or action-packed, but it still manages to be worth a look simply based on its originality. In Fold you are tasked with removing lines of colored blocks from the screen simply by tapping on them, but t...

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TUAW's Daily App: Cogs

Cogs is a 3D puzzle game that was originally released on iOS over a year ago, but it has just arrived on the Mac App Store. It's a good one, featuring a completely "mechanical" interface and sliding tile puzzles that build various contraptions of varying difficulty. The app is US$4.99 on the Ma...

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