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Analyst predicts Apple will sell 71.5M iPhones in Q4

Considering that Apple just hit a record $700 billion market valuation, it's probably going to be a happy holiday around the Cupertino offices, but there may be even more cause for celebration. Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI, is predicting that Apple will sell 71.5 million iPhones this quarter t...

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Apple to announce Q4 earnings on October 28

We'll learn the exact impact the sale of the iPhone 5s and 5c will have on Apple, as the company will be announcing its fourth quarter earnings on October 28. This period covers July through September, which includes the first 10 days that the latest iPhone was on sale. Apple will hold its earni...

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Liveblog of Apple 4Q 2012 earnings call

Today's the day for Apple's fourth-quarter 2012 earnings call. We'll be liveblogging the event, providing commentary on the event as it occurs. The fun starts at 5 PM ET sharp. Apple will be providing an audio stream of the earnings call, and the recording will be available for two weeks af...

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Apple's earnings "miss" more an issue with overzealous analysts

Apple reported its quarterly earnings earlier this week, and the results were lower than many Wall Street watchers expected (even though Apple beat its own revenue guidance by more than 12%). This miss was widely reported and Apple's stock took a hit -- AAPL dropped from above 420 before the an...

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Apple reports Q4 2011 earnings

After the market close today, Apple reported financial results for its fiscal fourth quarter, surpassing its revenue guidance handily but falling well below the expectations of the usually spot-on amateur analyst crowd. The company reported revenues of $28.27 billion, up almost $7 billion from the...

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Apple Q4 financial call set for October 18

Apple has announced the date for its Q4 financial call. The call will take place on Tuesday, October 18, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. PT. As usual, Apple will detail it's financial results for the quarter that ends this Friday, September 30th. Besides addressing this past quarter, the call should also f...

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Millienial Media report says Apple still top manufacturer and growing, travel apps busy last quarter

Millenial Media has released its final report of 2010 about advertising requests on its network, and Apple remains the king of mobile advertising on the network. For the last 15 months, Apple has been the top manufacturer, and ad requests on the network for Apple devices are still growing -- 12% fr...

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Gartner predicts Apple growth, but spurns iPad

Gartner has added its take on Apple's Q4 earnings to a growing list of other predictions. Gartner predicts that Mac sales grew by nearly 24 percent, helping Apple to take a 9.7 percent share in Q4. However, it claims that any reason for a lagging growth for PC makers was simply to be blamed on the ...

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Apple retail presence continues to grow and produce

Years ago, when Apple announced they were opening retail stores I don't know that anyone expected them to be such a resounding success. But yesterday's call confirmed this fact, as nearly every metric was up: sales, traffic and number of new stores. The Apple retail engine is firing on all cylinder...

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iPhone, iPod touch leading product search for Christmas

This is an interesting little statistic, but it could be very telling about what's going on in terms of sales this holiday season. 9to5Mac says that over in the UK, the iPhone and the iPod touch are the current most searched-for products this holiday. iPhone made up 1.75 percent of all product sear...

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Overall Mac sales up 21%, desktops up 74% year over year

There's probably a number of reasons why this might have happened (and we're sure you can come up with more than we can), but nevertheless, here you go: overall Mac sales are up by 21 percent in October and November since last year at the same time, according to Gene Munster (not pictured), analyst...

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Join TUAW for Apple Q4 earnings call liveblog at 5 PM EDT today

Time flies when you're having fun -- it seems like it was only a few weeks ago that we were enjoying the Q3 earnings report from Apple, Inc. Well, today the wizards of Cupertino are on the phone again with top Wall Street analysts to report how the company did during the fourth quarter (July - S...

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Citi reiterates AAPL 'buy' rating, cuts price target

Citi analyst Richard Gardner repeated the firm's "buy" recommendation for Apple stock, but reduced his estimate through 2011 to "reflect a more conservative view of consumer spending," according to the Associated Press. Gardner reduced his 12-month price target to $132 from $153. He noted "soft" iP...

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Apple up 11 after Q4 conference call

Apple shares were higher by over 11 points in after-hours trading following a very positive Q4 conference call where the company announced a profit of $1.26 per diluted share. As we noted in our liveblog earlier, Apple posted a profit of $1.14 billion on revenues of $7.9 billion for the quarter. Th...

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