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Jelly uses photos to ask questions, maybe make a better world in the process

Jelly is an app designed to create empathy, according to Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter. He should know, as it's his new company. Using Jelly, you post a picture and you Twitter and/or Facebook friends who also have Jelly installed can look, answer, ignore or forward your photo question to someo...

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Tidbits from Apple's shareholders meeting

CNBC was at the Apple shareholders annual meeting that took place February 23 in Cupertino, and you can read through detailed notes of the summit on its site. There were only a few official matters to discuss, and the first was whether or not the company would adopt majority voting for its board o...

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You got your iPhone 4S. Now what?

I don't. Have one, that is. I'm still waiting. In the meantime, here's some Q&A from today's in-box. Q: Just got my iPhone 4S, finally got hooked up to AT&T and I tried to fire up Siri. The old Voice Control app shows up. What gives? Have you heard of this with anyone else? A: You...

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Quora iPhone app puts answers to every question at your fingertips

Quora, the popular Q&A social networking site, has released their first iPhone app. Quora for iPhone allows users to ask and answer questions on the go. The iPhone app has kept the core of what makes Quora popular and easy to use, plus it has added some unique features. The iPhone app off...

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iFixit introduces Dozuki, to provide and share crowdsourced service and repair manuals

iFixit is, of course, the great upgrade and repair community with all kinds of step-by-step instructions for Macs, iPods, iPhones, and almost any other devices you happen to have, Apple or otherwise. Now, the company has introduced a new release called Dozuki, which is designed to make sharing ...

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Ask TUAW: Outlook 2011 attachment problems, Apple TV alternatives, deleting apps and more

Welcome back to another edition of Ask TUAW. Each week this column will feature questions from readers and answers by the TUAW team. If you have questions for the following week's column, drop them in the comments, and I will do my best to get to them. When asking a question, please include w...

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Minutes from Apple's shareholder meeting

Fortune's Apple 2.0 blog has some unofficial minutes from this week's Apple shareholder meeting -- while press weren't actually allowed inside the event (which featured Apple's board, including Al Gore, Steve Jobs, and new co-lead director Andrea Jung), that didn't stop an anonymous shareholder from...

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Answers for the 'rents about the iPad

So my folks were here this weekend, and as you'd expect my Dad is really curious about the upcoming iPad, or as he likes to put it "his new 3G iPad". I convinced him that he should wait for April so he could get the new postpaid-data-ready iPad, which he could use anywhere, not just with WiFi hotspo...

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Q&A with the developers of Koi Pond

Macworld has published a chat with the devs of one of the much-loved Koi Pond. Of course, the weird thing about Koi Pond is that it's more of a nice iPhone demo than anything else -- but just the same, it's cool to hear from designer Bill Trost and engineer Brandon Bogle. They used to work on MMOs f...

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