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Comparing the old iMacs with today's new models

Earlier today, Apple updated the iMac line with Thunderbolt, quad-core processors across the line and a HD camera for FaceTime. Prices start at US$1,199 for the 21.5", 2.5 GHz model and climb to $1,999 for the big daddy. How do the specs compare to the previous models? Here are some of the high...

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Mac Pro refresh bumps up the high end: these go to 12 cores

Processor BTO options range from four cores up to the aforementioned 16; the full matrix includes "Westmere" Xeon X5670 chops running at up to 3.33GHz on the single-chip machine and 2.93GHz on the dual-processor model. Only the dual-processor model can achieve dodecacore status. Mac Pros now offer ...

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Take Your Mac Pro Eight Ways

You know what they say, if four is good, eight must be better. MacBidouille has a nicely detailed tutorial on replacing your Mac Pro's stock Dual Core Xeons with Intel's new Quad Core Xeon X5355, bringing your up to eight total cores. Needless to say, you'll be kissing your Apple warranty goodbye if...

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CNET violates Mac Pro warranty, installs eight cores in Mac Pro

Over at CNET labs, they've done gone and stuck a couple of new Intel quad-core Xeon 5355 processors into an Apple Mac Pro and ran copious benchmarks on their new baby. Surprisingly enough, a single 3.0 GHz quad core kicked the bejesus out of the 2.66 GHz oct cores in some of the tasks. Follow the li...

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