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Before there was Boot Camp, there were DOS Compatibility Cards

With our zippy Intel Macs able to eagerly boot up Windows 7 in Boot Camp, VMWare, Parallels, and VirtualBox, it's difficult to fathom that it was ever a problem to run Microsoft operating systems on our Apple boxes. The situation wasn't that good just a scant 15 or so years ago. Back in the blea...

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Rig of the Day: Family reunion

Today's rig shot is fantastic. Flickr user and TUAW reader thenode hosted a bit of a "family reunion" for many of his Macs. Specifically, he got a Powerbook 520c, an SE-30, a Quadra 630 and a Mac mini (the youngster of the group) all networked together to play Armor Alley. The kids even g...

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