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Found Footage: Quake 4 running in Parallels 3.0

Last Friday Ben Rudolph, Parallel's Director of Corporate Communications, posted some screenshots of Halflife 2 running in Parallels 3.0 on his MacBook Pro. Parallels, for those who might not know, is virtualization software that lets you run a variety of OSes within OS X including Windows. Pictu...

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Aspyr finally gets a clue, releases Quake 4 demo

Forgive the bitter headline, but I'm sick of Mac game companies releasing games, especially ones as massive and significant as Quake 4, without a demo. This gripe is further compounded by the fact that the current state of Mac gaming is so demanding of hardware; yes, it's certainly improving, but ma...

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Quake 4 Universal Binary shipping

Quake 4, a game that could literally destroy my productivity in one swooping install, is now shipping as a Universal Binary for Mac OS X. Getting back to its first-person storyline roots, this latest installment picks up after the events of Quake 2, in which you are part of an elite marine force who...

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Quake 4 available for pre-order

Last month we got our first hints about Quake 4, and this week Aspyr has offered some more information. It's currently available for pre-order in the US at a cost of $49.99, with an expected shipping date of February 28, 2006. Aspyr notes that final system requirements will be made available 4-6 wee...

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