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id loves the iPhone, but won't bring Orcs & Elves to App Store

Touch Arcade got to speak with none other than John Carmack himself at QuakeCon last weekend, and he had some disappointing news about getting old school id games on the iPhone. While Carmack said that he's excited about releasing Rage on the iPhone, he admits that id's past titles haven't sold up ...

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Rage demo'd at 60 fps on iPhone, id games on sale

QuakeCon is going down this weekend in AustinDallas, Texas -- the annual celebration of everything id Software (makers of Quake and Doom, among a few other classic PC titles) features tournaments and panels on some of the hottest PC games around. But there's already been one big Apple announcement:...

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Phoenix Wright, Hexen II coming to the iPhone

Good news for fans of good games: the terrific DS courtroom simulator (which, trust me, sounds much less fun than it actually is) Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney is coming to the iPhone, and Slide to Play has posted some hands-on video. The game takes the two DS screens and stacks them on top of eac...

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Doom Resurrection on the iPhone now, lots more id games to come

Fellow shooter fans rejoice -- id software's John Carmack has begun delivering on his love of the iPhone with a brand new game made just for the platform called Doom Resurrection, available right now on the App Store for the price of $9.99. There's nothing small about this game at all -- it offers...

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Found footage: Quake 3 multiplayer on iPod touch

Despite getting punk'd on the Mortal Kombat for iPhone April Fool's joke, we're still innocent and trusting enough to buy into this video demo of Quake 3 running -- in multiplayer, accelerometer-enabled fragging glory -- on a pair of iPod touch handhelds. Is it real? Is it coming soon to a jailbro...

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Carmack fighting with Jobs about gaming on the Mac

Despite what Jobs told us at WWDC earlier this year, Apple isn't as committed to gaming as they'd want us to think. GamedailyBIZ has an interview up with id software's John Carmack (makers of Quake and the new Rage, set to premiere simultaneously on Mac and PC), and he says that he and Jobs have had...

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A decade of NeXT and Apple

In the summer of 1989, I had a really, really tough assignment: I had to evaluate the NeXT Cube for a publishing company. What a hardship to have that black box on my desk, along with that 400-dpi laser printer! I don't know how I ever managed. It's hard to believe that it was ten years ago, on 12/2...

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Aspyr finally gets a clue, releases Quake 4 demo

Forgive the bitter headline, but I'm sick of Mac game companies releasing games, especially ones as massive and significant as Quake 4, without a demo. This gripe is further compounded by the fact that the current state of Mac gaming is so demanding of hardware; yes, it's certainly improving, but ma...

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Love Quake? Love the Terminal? Visor is just the app for you! Brought to you by the good folks behind Quicksilver (and you know how much we like that), Visor is a cool Terminal mod that creates a hot key enabled Terminal console available no matter what you're doing. Hit one button and from the top ...

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Quake II X goes Universal

Thanks to an independent developer, Quake II has perhaps become the oldest game to have been updated as a Universal Binary on Mac OS X. In order to use this software to play Quake II, you will still need a full copy of the game to grab some of the core game files, and I think the full source from i...

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Quake 4 Universal Binary shipping

Quake 4, a game that could literally destroy my productivity in one swooping install, is now shipping as a Universal Binary for Mac OS X. Getting back to its first-person storyline roots, this latest installment picks up after the events of Quake 2, in which you are part of an elite marine force who...

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Quake 4 requirements revealed

At last, Aspyr has finally released the system requirements for the upcoming Quake 4. So, without further ado, you'll need: Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later a PowerPC G4, G5, or Intel-based chipset a 1.67GHz or faster CPU 512MB or higher of memory 64MB or more of video memory (VRAM) Quake 4 is ...

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