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Siri can learn how to pronounce your name in iOS 7

I've become a big Siri fan lately. After not quite getting the service when I first bought my iPhone, I've started using it to send a text without typing, grab quick driving directions and check the weather forecast. I just wish Siri loved me as much as I love her: Whenever she says my name, she...

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Thumb draws opinions from the crowd, enhances iPhone app

The opinion-based social utility Thumb, approaching its second birthday, has overhauled its free iOS app and added direct like/dislike voting to its core ask-a-question feature. The new 3.5 version of the service delivers tighter social integration, in-app messaging, leaderboards/rankings and an ...

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Reminder: send us your tips!

We TUAW bloggers use a variety of methods and resources to track down the news, tips, tricks and other forms of Mac interestingness we post, and among the most important of them are the tips from readers like you. However, we've noticed an increase in questions in post comments on how to send us tip...

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Missing from WWDC 2006: The Finder - not a word

We've been hearing talk about a completely redesigned Finder in Leopard as far back as October of '05. Granted, all that stuff is just rumors and wishful thinking but it is probably the one feature throughout the majority of the Mac community that everyone nearly 100% agreed was outdated and in need...

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Sunday Survey: iPod FM transmitters - yea or nay?

I recently came upon owning a car again (a '99 Chevy Astro baby!), so what do you think is the first thing I needed to do? Why, figure out how to play my iPod through it, of course! It has a cassette deck, but my wife's new Toyota Matrix doesn't, so I moseyed (yes, moseyed) on over to my local Apple...

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Ask TUAW: What will you do with Windows on your Mac?

We've seen a video of Windows on an iMac in action, and this weekend Dave Caolo posted the results from our poll that found the greater majority of TUAW readers were happy, at least to some degree, that Windows XP can run on a Mac. Now we want to ask: what are you going to do with it? Are you an ent...

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