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Answering Google's most asked questions about Apple

One of the first places people go with their questions is Google, and as always, Apple is a hot topic. Brace yourselves: It's time to answer Google's most popular questions about Apple and its various products. Why is Apple called Apple? According to an interview with Steve Wozniak from 2010,...

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Jelly uses photos to ask questions, maybe make a better world in the process

Jelly is an app designed to create empathy, according to Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter. He should know, as it's his new company. Using Jelly, you post a picture and you Twitter and/or Facebook friends who also have Jelly installed can look, answer, ignore or forward your photo question to someo...

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Five social apps to help you make a decision

Anyone who knows me well understands that I hate making decisions. From what to eat to where to go on vacation, I'd rather have little to no choice in the matter. For decision-avoiding people like me, there are a growing number of social decision-making apps that let you turn to your friends or the ...

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You Don't Know Jack gets celebrity guests

I am a big fan of the You Don't Know Jack series as a whole, and I think the recently released iOS version is one of the best ways to play the game: It's social, it's quick and easy, and oh yeah, it's completely free. And now that version is getting even better -- Jellyvision has made some deal...

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Siri is the iPhone 4S' most enticing feature

I could have probably told you this without doing all of the research, but Loopt asked around anyway, and found out that Siri was the iPhone 4S' most exciting new feature for consumers. Sure, that camera is really impressive, and that processor will come in handy when running new games and apps...

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Quora iPhone app puts answers to every question at your fingertips

Quora, the popular Q&A social networking site, has released their first iPhone app. Quora for iPhone allows users to ask and answer questions on the go. The iPhone app has kept the core of what makes Quora popular and easy to use, plus it has added some unique features. The iPhone app off...

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More live Q&A on iPad

Stream videos at Ustream We're back for another round of Q&A and demos on the iPad. Leave questions below and watch the live fun up top. Hope everyone is enjoying iPad day! ...

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Answers for the 'rents about the iPad

So my folks were here this weekend, and as you'd expect my Dad is really curious about the upcoming iPad, or as he likes to put it "his new 3G iPad". I convinced him that he should wait for April so he could get the new postpaid-data-ready iPad, which he could use anywhere, not just with WiFi hotspo...

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BarMax offers bar prep on the iPhone for $1000

News is going around about yet another expensive app bucking the trend on the App Store, but here's the twist: this one actually has a good reason for such a high price. BarMax CA [iTunes link] is an app currently out that costs $999.99 -- that's right, while most developers are haggling with custom...

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Apple adds Questions & Answers to its online store

Over the past week, something new on the Apple Store went somewhat unnoticed and unreported in the Mac media. Apple has added a new Questions & Answers feature to most of the product listings on its online store. This new feature allows customers to interact with each other; however, this is di...

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Dear Auntie TUAW: What's that little dot in the iPhone's status bar?

Dear Auntie TUAW, I was driving home from an appointment today with my brother, and at a stop light, I noticed that instead of the Edge "E", I had this little blue dot. I just assumed that it was where i had connected to WiFi and had no bars, but it was much too big and centered. My brother, who a...

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Information Week's iPhone Questions

Alexander Wolfe of Information Week has posted his list of the top 7 questions Steve Jobs doesn't want you to ask about the iPhone . For example, Wolfe wants to know "Will the battery crap out after 18 months?" The iPod isn't known for either its long-lived batteries or it's user-empowering battery ...

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Ask TUAW: Call for Questions

Attention TUAW readers! This week we'll be starting a a Questions and Answers help column as a weekly feature. But of course to do this well we need some good questions. We'll take questions from anyone, but we hope to be especially useful for all the switchers and other new Mac users out there. Ple...

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Reminder: send us your tips!

We TUAW bloggers use a variety of methods and resources to track down the news, tips, tricks and other forms of Mac interestingness we post, and among the most important of them are the tips from readers like you. However, we've noticed an increase in questions in post comments on how to send us tip...

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Microsoft survey asks about Aqua

It seems like even Microsoft's marketing department knows a thing or two about nerdy UI stuff, as a recent survey that offers copies of Vista Beta on CD asks what the fancy new 'let's make everything 50% transparent because transparency is teh r0x0r' effects in Vista are called. Wouldn't you know -...

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