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iPad 2 lines persist two weeks after launch

No, this doesn't mean that some people have been standing in line for two weeks non-stop; it means that lines continue to form at Apple stores around the USA as new shipments of iPad 2s arrive. In fact, the lines are so notable, says AppleInsider, that Wall Street analyst Charlie Wolf of Needham...

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Gamefly updates GameCenter iPhone app

GameFly (which is sort of a Netflix for video games) sent along word that they have updated their free iPhone app called Gamecenter [iTunes link]. Not only does it work as an official app -- you can update and add to your queue straight from the app, which is definitely nice, as you can go carry it...

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Apple adds queue time, contact info to iPhone developer pages

Small steps: reports from several iPhone developers indicate that Apple has showcased two key features on the Dev Center website that may improve the mood and attitude of anxious app submitters. Feature #1 is a queue status graphic (seen here), letting everyone know how long the approval wait shoul...

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Photos from AppleStore Beijing

Apple opened its first Chinese store last Friday, just in time for the opening of the Olympic Games on August 8th. Unlike their counterparts in London, the queuers didn't appear to need chairs for comfort, but umbrellas were useful for keeping the heat at bay. According to our tipster in Beijing,...

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Behold, the iQueue

What do you do when you've got a pre-queue queue downstairs, then an actual queue proper upstairs? There's a lot of tired people involved, and twice as many tired legs. The answer, of course, is the iQueue. Dozens of plastic chairs brought in solely for the comfort of your customers' backsides. Th...

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TubeSock 2.0 - Flash video downloader gains conversion queue, bookmarklet update, much more

All sorts of tools have appeared for making it easy to download and save Flash files from the likes of YouTube, Google Video and more. From Greasemonkey scripts to browser plugins, these tools all have their strengths and drawbacks, but for the serious Flash movie downloader, there is TubeSock. Th...

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