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Quickertek selling solar panel for iPad

Back at Macworld, I checked out a company on the show floor that made solar (photovoltaic) panels. I was hoping to see a panel for sale ready to charge the iPhone, because an easy-to-use panel at a reasonable price would have probably had me opening my wallet on the spot. Unfortunately, they only ma...

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The BearExtender n3 gives you more Wi-Fi range at a low cost

It's not often that I've come across a product that works perfectly, does exactly what it says it will, costs a lot less than its closest competitor and provides a real and salient difference in my computing experience. The US$44.97 BearExtender n3 does just that. Roland Saekow, a recent graduate...

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Can having a Quicky boost your Wi-Fi range?

Get your mind out of the gutter! I'm talking about the Quicky Jr II USB wireless signal booster, which is a little USB dongle / antenna that plugs into a USB port on any Mac that is running Mac OS X 10.4 or newer. This little device, from QuickerTek, purports to let you wander up to three times the ...

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Apple Juicz solar charger for MacBook Air

Okay here's one for the deep-pocketed Greens out there (or maybe somebody on assignment to the middle of nowhere). QuickTek is offering a line of solar chargers for the MacBook Air called the Apple Juicz. There are three models of increasing size: 18 watt, 27 watt, and 55 watt. They recharge a MacBo...

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QuickerTek releases MacBook Handle

QuickerTek, purveyor of cool wireless accessories for the Mac, has released a handle for the MacBook (they also have models for other Mac portables past and present). I had one of these years ago on my G4 Titanium PowerBook and I really enjoyed it. It adds a carry handle to your notebook which swiv...

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