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Mac 101: Using QuickTime to record video of your Mac's screen

Sometimes you need to capture video of your Mac's screen, either to show someone a troublesome error or a quick how-to for a friend or family member. You can purchase a dedicated screencasting app like Camtasia, but for most casual users, QuickTime's screen record feature will fit the bill. To ...

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Friday Favorite: How Keyboard Maestro saved my Mavericks macros

Bless Keyboard Maestro. It's not as if we haven't already given it coverage here at TUAW, but I fought to make it today's Friday Favorite because it pulled my grits out of the fire after I upgraded to Mavericks. Me? I've been a Quickeys user since the freaking 1980's. One gets used to an app. Use...

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5 QuickTime Player Secrets

It's easy to overlook the power of the steady and dependable QuickTime Player. Built right into OS X, many users don't necessarily think of it as a sophisticated app. Despite that, Apple has engineered some great features for it. Here are five of our faves. Change the playback rate. When you're w...

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Smart Converter provides free media format conversion for OS X

Smart Converter (free) provides a way to drag, drop and convert a wide range of media from one format to another. You drop a file, choose an output format and click to convert to popular device formats from iOS and Apple TV to Sony, Samsung, Android and more. The price is, of course, right for an...

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DevJuice: Record UIViews with Glimpse

Glimpse offers an open source library from iOS Developer Wess Cope. It enables you to create QuickTime videos from your UIViews. The library records animations and actions, collecting screen shots over time, building a movie from the results. The API consists of two calls: one to start recording, ...

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Mac Hacks: Change your default Notification Center sound

It's bad enough that a billion iOS devices all start chiming at me whenever I receive a notification. The OS X notification center plays that awful sound -- Basso, whenever my reminders trigger. Not sure what that sounds like? Open System Preferences > Sound > Sound Effects and click on i...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me fix my file associations

Dear Aunt TUAW, Good lord, why does Spotify want to open .m4v files? And how do I make it stop that? Your loving nephew, Nehi Dear Nehi, Eh? What was that? Auntie was just giving the kids some Werthers in exchange for them agreeing to play quietly outside the house. Spotify? Good hea...

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Perian posts end of life notice. Mac video enthusiasts weep.

Perian has been a steadfast friend on my computer for years. With Perian, nearly any video format I throw at QuickTime simply works. Perian has been a wonder. It supports AVI. It supports DivX. It supports MKV. It's been one of the best and most useful tools I have had access to and invariably ...

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Split large movie files quickly on 10.6 with QuickTime Player 7

Updated to clarify that a split clip feature exists in 10.7's version of QuickTime X. Say what you will about the QuickTime X framework and player introduced in Mac OS X 10.6 -- it's crazy speedy on multicore machines, it provides the foundation for next-generation features, it lets you drag-an...

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E-book series details the evolution of iMovie

I am slowly reading through Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs and, like many of you, I'm fascinated by the complex series of events and people who created the Apple we know today. Another good read that covers a portion of Apple history is a e-book series called Timeline. Written by Joh...

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QuickTime 7.7 released for Mac OS X Leopard and Windows

QuickTime 7.7 has been released for Mac OS X Leopard and Windows 7, Vista, and XP. The update addresses several security holes in this older version of QuickTime and is a recommended update for systems running QuickTime 7.6.9 or earlier. Mac users who are running Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Lion n...

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Perian updated to 1.2.3, fixes several 1.2.2 bugs

Perian, a plugin that vastly expands QuickTime's suite of supported video codecs, has been updated to 1.2.3. The Perian 1.2.2 update released in April apparently introduced a fair number of new bugs, and 1.2.3 is essentially a bugfix release designed to squash them. While Perian said 1.2.2 wo...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: Perian

Have you ever wished QuickTime would just play all those random formats you've got? That you didn't have to resort to other programs, or worse converting everything, just to get them to play? You need Perian. We've covered Perian a lot in the past, and for good reason -- it's a one stop-shop ...

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Lion will introduce new sharing options in QuickTime X

When Apple came out with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, the company unveiled a whole new version of QuickTime Player (and also jumped a couple of version numbers in the process -- going from "7" to "X," or 10). The player component of QuickTime X was much sleeker than QuickTime Player 7, but it la...

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Perian QuickTime plug-in updated; A must-have for every Mac

Yesterday Perian updated its QuickTime plug-in for the Mac. For those of you who don't know about it, Perian is a plug-in allowing Mac users to view a virtually unlimited number of video codecs in QuickTime Player. Among the codecs are AVI, DIVX, FLV, MKV, GVI, VP6 and VFW, just to name a few. T...

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