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Hold yourself over with the iPhone VR

What did I do when I was forced, inhumanely, to wait for my slick new (at the time) MacBook Pro to arrive at my door in all its aluminum-y goodness? Why, I turned to Apple's MacBook Pro QuickTime VR to ease the anticipatory pains and tide me over 'til the doorbell rang and the heavenly delivery man ...

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Macworld Expo 2007 QuickTime VRs

While we whipped out our own photo galleries feature last week for Macworld 07, Panoramas.dk specializes in putting together QuickTime VRs of major events and places. TUAW reader Christian Chladek just tipped us off to Panoramas.dk's new Macworld 07 gallery, containing over 15 full-screen VRs of ...

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Waste time with the MacBook Pro VR

I'm incredibly impatient, and there's nothing worse than eagerly waiting for a brand new speedy computer that's scheduled to arrive at your door in just days. To kill time and ease the pain, I've taken a liking to playing with the MacBook Pro's QuickTime VR at Apple's website. Sure, it's a bit exces...

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