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TUAW's Daily Mac App: QuitAppsMBI

Quitting apps quickly can be a pain. If you've got loads open, but you want to quit them all fast, the best way has been Cmd+Tab then Cmd+Q. Now, the free QuitsAppsMBI app makes quitting some or all of your apps a breeze. A menu bar utility, QuitsAppsMBI sits patiently waiting for your comman...

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Chrome's Warn Before Quitting

It may not be nearly as important once Lion gives us all instant-resume for our apps, but the latest version of Google Chrome (v12) adds a delightful feature called Warn Before Quitting. Set it in the File menu, and from then on Chrome will ignore a passing ⌘-Q but will quit if you hold down the k...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: Flexiglass

There are many things that OS X does well, and a few things that it could do better. One area of potential weakness is window management, and that's where Flexiglass comes in. Flexiglass, a US$7.99 (currently 20% off) app from the Mac App Store, adds to and enhances the built-in window manage...

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iPhone Troubleshooting: How to Restart, quit frozen apps and Reset iPhone

I'm starting to think there is some sort of bad luck attached to my iTunes Store account, as tonight I experienced the third iTunes Store song that completely locked up an iPod - only this time it was my iPhone. While listening to 'Again with the Subtleties' from the Yppah album You Are Beautiful At...

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