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Test your knowledge of just about anything with Thinking

Thinking is a fresh brain game that puts every individual mind to a fun test in a number of ways and categories. Not only are there two completely separate tests for kids and adults to level the playing field, but also a regular daily quiz and party mode for up to nine additional people to join i...

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Daily iPhone App: Should you play QuizUp? Hint: The answer is yes

I'm not a fan of quiz games. Actually, let me rephrase that: I didn't think I was a fan of quiz games. When I was first contacted to take a look at QuizUp, I had very little interest in it because, well, it's a quiz game. To me, quiz games are inherently boring, too broad, too long and oftentimes ...

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Daily iPad App: HowStuffWorks for iPad

If you love learning the details that explain how things work, then the HowStuffWorks app for the iPad is perfect for you. The app takes the best of the How Stuff Works website and packages it into a convenient, tablet-friendly format. It's chock full of content and features and will keep you e...

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iPad 2 + Smart Cover = study aid with Evernote Peek

We tend to kvell about Evernote quite a bit around here, it's true; we've even interviewed CEO Phil Libin on at least four separate occasions. If only the company would stop doing cool things so we could quit harping on them! No luck on that score, at least not today. Evernote claims to have ...

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TUAW's Daily App: Qrank

Qrank is the kind of game that I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing more of in the near future; it's a social quiz game that is fully powered by a connection to Facebook, Twitter, and its own in-game friend service. It's a free download off the App Store, and once you create an account (and connect it to...

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Who Wants to Be a Mac-ionaire?

You have a few spare moments right now (I mean you're at work, or in class) so why not test your Mac trivia knowledge? Chris Adamson has whipped up a javascript based game that he called 'Who Wants to Be a Mac-ionaire?' Take the challenge and post your results in the comment. I got up to the $50,000...

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The answers to our Mac celebs quiz

Well, we're impressed! You all did very well with our Mac Celebrity quiz. Here are the official answers: Steve Wozniak, Co-founder of Apple, designer of Apple and Apple || Guy Kawasaki, Macintosh evangelist Gil Amelio, one-time CEO of Apple. Let's just move on to #4, shall we? Jonathan Iv...

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Quiz: Do you know your Apple celebs?

Allright, TUAWers, it's your time to shine. You fancy yourself a Mac addict, eh? Then take our quiz. Many of the big players in the history of Apple can be recognized by their first names only. Below is a list of first names of people connected with Apple Computer that are quite well known, in orde...

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Take the BBC quiz on Apple

Think you know your Apple history? Well, we'll just see about that. The BBC has a 10 question quiz about all things Apple. Take the quiz, and post your results in the comments. I got 9 out of 10. Thanks to everyone who sent this in....

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