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Quo offers motherboard to run "any OS"

Quo Computer has been making hardware capable of running OS X for years, and now, the company will soon start shipping motherboards that'll let you construct your own Hackintosh box from scratch. The new projectQ motherboards can run any OS including OS X, Windows and Linux. They will ship with...

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Psystar is dead. Long live Quo Computer

While we all know the story of Psystar, the company that crashed and burned by loudly selling non-Apple Macintosh computers with OS X installed, a much quieter and more polite company named Quo Computer seems to be doing just fine. Their mission is to get computers that can run the Macintosh OS into...

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Newcomer steps in to fill Mac clone "Quo"ta

Update: @JoeWilsonTV responded in the comments that Quo Computer is open (telephone number in his comment) and that they are taking orders in the store. The website is supposed to launch next Monday. Thanks Joe! It seems like it was only last week that Mac clone maker, Psystar filed for Chapter 11 b...

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