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Ashton Kutcher explains to Quora how he prepared for Steve Jobs role

Over on Quora, actor Ashton Kutcher recently left a detailed answer for a user who asked the question "How did Ashton Kutcher prepare for his role as Steve Jobs in the new movie Jobs?" His answer on the site (in which Kutcher is an investor) was actually quite revealing, not only about how an acto...

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Employees dish on what it takes to keep Apple's big secrets

As a former Apple employee, I know just how seriously Apple takes its secrets. Even today, years after my NDA has expired, I'm reluctant to talk about things that Apple flagged as confidential. One reason for that reluctance is because of the respect I have for the company and my friends who still...

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Quora iPhone app puts answers to every question at your fingertips

Quora, the popular Q&A social networking site, has released their first iPhone app. Quora for iPhone allows users to ask and answer questions on the go. The iPhone app has kept the core of what makes Quora popular and easy to use, plus it has added some unique features. The iPhone app off...

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Why Apple.com hosts movie trailers

Here's a pretty interesting story about why Apple.com, of all places, hosts movie trailers. It all goes back to that first Star Wars: The Phantom Menace trailer back around 1998 (which I watched hundreds of times, before I saw the actual, less exciting movie). Over on Quora, a former Apple em...

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