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Siri update prompts users to be brief

Apple's voice interaction system Siri has been updated, this time specifically to ask users to keep it short. Siri's system doesn't deal well with longer user queries, so if you happen to ask something that's just too long for Siri to deal with, she'll interrupt you, giving you a quote from a fa...

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A list of Steve Jobs's best quotes

The Wall Street Journal's Jennifer Valentino-DeVries has published a list of Steve Jobs's great quotes. Steve's intelligence, salesmanship and significant public speaking skills have produced several gems, and Jennifer has listed some of our favorites. Highlights from her list include: "It will ...

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Jobs reportedly told Nike "Get rid of the crappy stuff"

Steve Jobs is often regarded as a visionary who rejoined a failing Apple in 1996 and propelled it to the top of the electronics industry. As a result, people are combing through Jobs' history to find the secret to his success. Carmine Gallo of Forbes stumbled on an interesting conversation Jobs...

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Blizzard hasn't looked at the iPad for StarCraft

Last week, the folks from Ars Technica got a chance to stop by Blizzard headquarters in Irvine, CA. They kindly asked a question that many of us RTS gamers have been wondering about ever since the iPad was released: Is there any chance that we'll be getting StarCraft to play on the iPad? Sure, there...

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Weird software: Lonesome Electric Chicken

I wish I had a more insightful or enlightening explanation for what the Lonesome Electric Chicken is, but I'm afraid there really isn't one. As its author, John Schilling, states on his site, it's a: "time and life wasting application that spews forth a gathering of quotations. That's it. Don't loo...

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Game developers react to Boot Camp

Inside Mac Games has a nice roundup of reactions from various Mac OS X game developers on the news of Boot Camp. Reactions on the whole are positive concerning the opportunities that Boot Camp offers, and speculation from the likes of Aspyr, MacSoft, Freeverse and Ambrosia are hopeful that this will...

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Steve Jobs' greatest quotes

It seems like the whole Mac community is in a contemplative mood as Apple approaches its 30th birthday. In fact, Wired has posted an article that lists some of their all-time favorite Steve Jobs quotes, sorted into categories. My favorite from among Wired's selections is: "If I were running App...

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