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Radiohead releases new music through PolyFauna app

This past February, Radiohead released their first iOS app, an experimental music and art project called PolyFauna. Using music from their King of Limbs recording session as the background for abstract and evolving visuals, the app was equal parts musical performance and art piece. Now Radiohea...

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PolyFauna for iOS is a trip into another dimension from Radiohead

We mentioned PolyFauna last week, and now I've had a chance to look and listen. This free app from the rock band Radiohead is a trippy portal to another dimension. You start up with a dark screen that gradually lightens and you see a sort of alien environment. Is that snow falling, or stars? Am I un...

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Radiohead release free experimental iOS app called PolyFauna

Radiohead has released a free, universal app for iOS, and no it's not called Ok Cell Phone. The app is an interactive experimental art project called PolyFauna, born out of the sessions from the band's latest record, King of Limbs. Using imagery and audio inspired by the song "Bloom," the app is m...

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Radiohead releasing new downloadable album, MC Hammer releases new iPad single

You may remember, about four years ago, Radiohead raising a stink over the digital release of its album In Rainbows. The band decided to "sell" the album on its website, asking fans to pay whatever they wanted, while at the same time shunning Apple's iTunes service, claiming they wanted to sell the...

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Radiohead returns to iTunes

If you haven't been keeping track of the whole Radiohead/iTunes drama it went something like this TUAW summary: iTunes: "You must sell the tracks" RH: "We won't sell the tracks!" iTunes: "You must sell the tracks" RH: "We won't sell the tracks!" iTunes: "Then don't sell the tracks!" RH: "We are so o...

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Remix Radiohead in iTunes

A couple of years ago, Trent Reznor released fully editable GarageBand versions of a few Nine Inch Nails songs. Others have followed suit (like Burger King), and now Radiohead joins their number. They've made all five tracks (or "stems") of the song "Nude" available in iTunes for $0.99 each [iTunes ...

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Radiohead on iTunes? Yup

As many of you (judging by the number of e-mail tips we have received) know, the latest Radiohead album, "In Rainbows" is now available on iTunes. The album is $9.99 in the US and released via iTunes Plus, meaning the files are DRM free. This is the first Radiohead album to appear on iTunes (though ...

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Fortune: Radiohead was dumb to ditch iTunes, make more money

As long as we're in 2007 review mode, let's review the saga of Radiohead's In Rainbows album (which is definitely one of my favorite albums of the year, by the way). First, they said no to iTunes to keep their album in one-piece, then they decided to "sell" it for free on their website (asking their...

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Eisner blames Jobs, and Radiohead cleans up

From the "whatever you say, Eisner" department, Engadget brings news that former Disney honcho Michael Eisner is blaming the guy who originally wore the black turtleneck and jeans for the Writers Guild of America strike, of all things. In an interview with a CNET blog, Eisner says that Steve Jobs is...

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Radiohead ditches iTunes to keep album complete

Here's an interesting twist on the iTunes vs. record companies situation. Radiohead (disclaimer: I'm a Radiohead fan) is choosing not to sell their latest album on iTunes not because their record company is pressuring them out of the deal-- their record company is EMI, and they're more than willing ...

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