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Indie Mac Gift Pack offers discounted Mac software for the holidays

A crew of well-known independent Mac developers has banded together to offer a pretty good deal on some Mac software this holiday season. The Indie Mac Gift pack is offering six great Mac apps (Acorn 2, Delicious Library 2, MarsEdit 3, Radioshift, SousChef and Sound Studio 4) for just $60, a saving...

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Macworld 2010: Rogue Amoeba shows off RadioShift 1.5

Leading indie Mac software shop Rogue Amoeba had a piece of prime real estate on the front wall of the Moscone expo floor, and CEO Paul Kafasis gave us the latest news on RA's product line. Overall, Paul expressed satisfaction with the traffic level at the show, and he was pleased with the investmen...

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Rogue Amoeba video demo of RadioShift Touch

As mentioned toward the tail end of this morning's liveblog chat with Rogue Amoeba's development team, there is a version of RadioShift in the works for the iPhone and iPod touch; the proof is in the (video) pudding. You can see the full-res QuickTime here. As in the desktop version of RadioShift, y...

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Radioshift 1.0

Radioshift is the latest app from those audio obsessed fellows at Rogue Amoeba. Thanks the to included Radio Guide, which has over 50,000 internet streamed radio programs listed, this app allows you to find your favorite radio show and record it. The power of the app is that it doesn't just record ...

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