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Rage Campaign Edition now available on the Mac App Store

I almost didn't bother telling you all about this, because the circumstances around this release really rub the wrong way. But for gamers who've been waiting to play id games' latest, Rage, on the Mac, the Campaign Edition of the title is now available on the Mac App Store, for US$39.99. The Campa...

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Trucks and Skulls Nitro free, other iOS price drops this weekend

id's Rage app went free earlier on this week, and that seems to have inspired a little avalanche of free and discounted apps on the App Store. Good news for us, of course: There are quite a few solid apps to pick up if you haven't yet. Trucks and Skulls Nitro is now free and so is the HD v...

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RAGE and RAGE HD for iOS now free for a week

As a result of receiving over 100,000 Facebook "likes," iD Software is giving away its first-person iOS shooters RAGE and RAGE HD for free until next Wednesday, August 24. Both games are universal apps with RAGE HD offering enhanced graphics for Retina displays and the iPad. The games have yo...

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Found Footage: Rage for iOS running in WebGL

The video on the next page shows a pretty mean feat of coding. Developer Brandon Jones has taken files from the iOS version of id's Rage game, which came out for iOS a little while ago, and tweaked them to display in WebGL, a library for JavaScript that can generate 3D graphics in a compatible ...

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Microvision runs TV out apps, including Rage HD, on the SHOWWX+ pico projector

Last year at Macworld 2010, I got to see the SHOWWX pico projector in action. Back then it was just a prototype, and the company was still shopping around the technology to try and get a unit into production. MicroVision has released the SHOWWX projector at a unit price of US$299. This year's model...

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Rage v1.11 update adds Game Center, gyroscope controls and TV support

A big update for id games' Rage: Mutant Bash TV (available in SD and HD versions for US$0.99 and $1.99; the latter being for iPhone 4 and iPad) has appeared on iTunes overnight. As John Carmack noted in our recent interview with him, it adds a number of new features that arguably should have been t...

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John Carmack talks about Rage SD and HD, iOS, and what's next for iOS gaming

We've all seen the potential of what a demo like Epic Citadel can do, but while work continues on Infinity Blade, John Carmack's id Software has released Rage, an iOS-exclusive tie-in to the big FPS console and PC title scheduled to come out next year. The game is a pretty incredible feat in and of...

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Rage for iOS supports video out, available now in SD and HD

id games has released the iPhone version of Rage in two different versions, both SD and HD, available right now universally for the iPhone and the iPad. TUAW spoke with John Carmack this afternoon, and he said that the HD version is about twice as nice as the SD version: "All of the user interface ...

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id loves the iPhone, but won't bring Orcs & Elves to App Store

Touch Arcade got to speak with none other than John Carmack himself at QuakeCon last weekend, and he had some disappointing news about getting old school id games on the iPhone. While Carmack said that he's excited about releasing Rage on the iPhone, he admits that id's past titles haven't sold up ...

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Rage demo'd at 60 fps on iPhone, id games on sale

QuakeCon is going down this weekend in AustinDallas, Texas -- the annual celebration of everything id Software (makers of Quake and Doom, among a few other classic PC titles) features tournaments and panels on some of the hottest PC games around. But there's already been one big Apple announcement:...

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Doom Resurrection on the iPhone now, lots more id games to come

Fellow shooter fans rejoice -- id software's John Carmack has begun delivering on his love of the iPhone with a brand new game made just for the platform called Doom Resurrection, available right now on the App Store for the price of $9.99. There's nothing small about this game at all -- it offers...

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id premieres Rage at QuakeCon

EA hasn't quite held up on their end of the Mac gaming bargain, but id has moved a step closer. At QuakeCon over the weekend, they announced that the first game to use their id Tech 5 engine (shown off at WWDC) will be called "Rage," featuring driving in expansive, outdoor environments. id's J...

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