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Official Game of Thrones companion guide brings Westeros to iOS

If you can't get enough of George R. R. Martin's epic Game of Thrones fantasy saga, there's a new way to get detailed information on its world and characters on your phone and tablet. Random House has introduced A World of Ice and Fire, an interactive guide to the series, for free on the App St...

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The iBookstore gets Random House books

We posted that Random House had made a deal to finally get their books in the iBookstore. Well, it's in the process of happening. This morning the Random House published-Millenium Trilogy by Steig Larsson is available for purchase and the first two books are even at decent prices. Now we'll h...

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Random House may join Apple's iBookstore

Random House said in a brief statement Monday that it has agreed to the "agency model for e-book sales," according to AppleInsider. That agency model had been the chief stumbling block keeping Random House books from joining the iBookstore. In the traditional publishing model, retailers bought b...

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