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Tag: randy nelson

TUAW TV Live: Shooting the virtual breeze

Another Wednesday, another TUAW TV Live. While Cupertino has been keeping things quiet recently, there's still a lot going on in the world of Apple. If you have some free time this afternoon, join my fellow TUAW blogger Randy Nelson and me for an hour of live chat about what's new. Below, you...

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TUAW TV Live at 5 PM ET: A little FaceTime with Randy

Today on TUAW TV Live, my cohort and partner in crime Randy Nelson and I will be testing out FaceTime's utility in doing live two-person web shows. Oh, and coincidentally we'll be chatting about some of the latest Apple news, maybe destroying some rumors and definitely interacting with the chat...

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TUAW TV Live: Randy and Sande wrap up Macworld/iWorld 2013

Today Randy Nelson and I will be talking about ... what else? ... Macworld/iWorld 2013. Randy and I met up in meatspace for the first time last week, and now we're back into our cyber selves for an hour of discussion with the chat room peanut gallery. Below, you'll find a Ustream livestream v...

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TUAW TV Live: Mayan calendar apocalypse edition

If the Mayans were right, this may be the last episode of TUAW TV Live -- ever. That's a good enough reason to watch the show today, right? Well, that and the fact that I'll have a special guest with me today. Fellow TUAW blogger Randy Nelson will be in the virtual seat next to me today as we c...

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TUAW TV Live at 5 PM ET: Sande and Randy

Now that the new 27" iMac is set up and ready to beam video around the world, I decided it's time to get some of my fellow TUAWites onto the show to talk about ... stuff. Today's guest will be one of our crack team of bloggers, Randy Nelson. It's been a quiet week in the Apple world, but we'll...

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TUAW TV Live: Treating you with tricks for Halloween

Today's episode of TUAW TV Live will be a bit different than anything you've seen before. Instead of dressing up as a middle-aged Apple geek, I might be wearing a Halloween costume. That won't change the content much, but it might be easier on your eyes to look at me in a costume. Kelly has beg...

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Kickstarter-funded PXL Magazine debuts on the iPad

Randy Nelson is a former colleague of mine over at Joystiq, and he stepped away from our gaming-focused sister site last year to follow his own path. Part of that path includes a new gaming magazine project called PXL, which Nelson posted on Kickstarter back in January. With a humble budget of ...

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