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J.D. Power survey ranks iPhone highest

J.D. Power and Associates released the results of a survey yesterday, showing Apple's iPhone ranked highest in terms of customer satisfaction among 1,388 business wireless customers queried between August and September. Apple scored 778 (out of 1,000), higher than Blackberry-maker RIM (703) and Sams...

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Apple.com 14th most visited site in US

MacNN found a survey from comScore Media Metrix for the month of August which ranked apple.com as the 14th most visited site in the U.S. with 31.5 million unique visitors. On the top of the list is Yahoo! with more than 131.3 million visitors, while Dell surprisingly leapt from 47 to 35, though MacN...

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Widget Watch: destroy your productivity with the Threadless Vote widget

I have to admit: I'm a nut for Threadless. The t-shirt design submissions that actually go to print after voting can certainly be hit or miss sometimes, but they crank out enough to keep me coming back for more. As if combing their site for new threads isn't enough of a time-waster, someone decided ...

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