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Tag: rant

App Store gamers are cheap, angry and whiny

Monument Valley developer Ustwo learned a harsh lesson about App Store customers this week when the group released a sizable update to its highly regarded iOS title. A level expansion titled Forgotten Shores added a further eight chapters to the popular puzzle game for $1.99, and if you had read a...

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Apple isn't going to abandon the 3.5mm headphone jack

There's been some wild speculation by a certain business journal lately that Apple might abandon the standard 3.5mm headphone jack and replace it with Lightning connector headphones that would allow for 48kHz digital sound for the first time. Before we get started lets make one thing abundantly ...

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CNBC publishes abysmal list of "things Apple needs to do right now"

Apple naysayers are a dime a dozen these days, and you don't have to dig very far on any business or general tech website to find someone who thinks Cupertino is akin to a barn on fire. So when I say I was actually shocked at how ridiculous CNBC's recent "Three things Apple needs to do right now" ...

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Netgear CEO apologizes for part of anti-Apple rant

According to Macgasm, Netgear CEO Patrick Lo has clarified his earlier statement about Steve Jobs' ego. On Monday, Lo made reference to Steve Jobs "going away" soon, which most commentators (including us) found to be a fairly unsavory remark given the Apple CEO's health issues. "I deeply regret the ...

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TweetDeck CEO: Developing for Android "not a nightmare"

During yesterday's classic tirade by Apple CEO Steve Jobs during the 4Q Earnings Call, there was a rant about the fragmentation of the Android OS that included a reference to "TwitterDeck's" (actually TweetDeck's) recent chart showing how many hardware platforms they must contend with during develop...

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Do you love or hate Safari 5's 'smarter' address bar?

I'll state for the record that the new address bar functionality in Safari 5 is the most un-Apple interaction I've seen come out of Cupertino in a long time. Perhaps adding RAM to my 8500 was more painful, but when a company known for ease-of-use screws up something so basic, it makes you wonder, "w...

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Apple no-cash policy for iPad takes some by surprise

Update: Apple has now reversed the no-cash policy. As loyal readers know, Apple stores are not particularly cash-friendly; in the case of the iPhone and the iPad, they're downright cash-hostile. Both devices require a credit or debit card for purchase, although you can waltz down the block and bu...

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A Mac tablet? Not just yes, but 'heck yes'

Apple's Q3 Financial call may or may not have pointed to a new Mac tablet offering but that doesn't really matter. The Mac tablet isn't a rumor any more, Robert. It's right here sitting in my pocket. If the iPhone isn't a Mac tablet, I don't know what is. It runs OS X. It has a full touch interface....

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A Mac tablet? Not just no, but 'heck no'

Since Apple's third quarter conference call, the rumor mill has been grinding its latest batch of corn: or what natives call "the MacBook tablet." The endless list of features, the bad Photoshop: It's already here. Every time Apple has whetted our appetites for new products, the same people keep pr...

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A quick rant about Notes

You got your iPhone. You got your computer. Your emails sync. Your contacts sync. Your calendars sync. Your music, your podcasts, your photos, all your stuff: it just syncs. This is good. Your notes? They don't sync. This. Is. Bad. Not just bad, but actually driving me nuts. It drives me nuts becaus...

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Apple still doesn't really get email

Fix one problem, and another comes up. Everyone was a big fan of how Apple's .Mac webmail used to sometimes attach a text document when you simply replied to someone. I mean, I know I was utterly overjoyed to go back, copy and paste, remove the attachment, and reply. Wow, that was really easy, wasn'...

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The Office upgrade ate two Address Books, or: why I don't touch Microsoft products

So y'know that Office update that came out a few days ago? The one that Spotlight-ified Entourage and added syncing abilities with iCal and Address Book? Yea um, it ate not only my Address Book but my fiancé's which I was subscribed to through .Mac. Syncing setup is brainless and painless - t...

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