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Klout adds Passbook support and perks

The social app Klout has updated its iPhone app, with a few surprising features. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of Klout. It's gotten a little bit of a reputation for being spammy, and I think the way it rates influence is more or less meaningless. However, there's one feature of the new app th...

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Foxconn raises Chinese worker wages

Foxconn has been back in the news lately for an investigation, commenced by Apple's request, into its worker practices. Perhaps influenced by those actions (though perhaps not), Foxconn has raised some of its pay levels by 16 to 25 percent. Depending on the worker and the results of some testing, ...

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More concerns over suicides at Foxconn

There was more bad news out of China this week -- manufacturer Foxconn (who makes quite a few parts for Apple devices) has been dealing with a rash of employee suicides, as low pay and long hours on the workers seems to be taking their toll. Yesterday, another worker reportedly tried to take his own...

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Rogers offering $20 for iPad add-on to existing iPhone customers?

The Apple Store for Canada is currently showing the above rates for iPad data plans, but before you get too excited, note a few things. First, Rogers' official iPad page does not yet show any rate plan information. Second, BoyGeniusReport updated their article on this to say that "Apple has rem...

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Will AT&T introduce usage-based pricing?

Ralph de la Vega, AT&T head of consumer services, has hinted at usage-based pricing strategies in response to increased consumer data consumption, according to stories on the Huffington Post and Reuters newsfeed. De la Vega spoke at a recent USB investor conference, saying that AT&T was work...

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The Missing iPhone Data Plan

As you're well aware, data plans are pricey and limited. For example, AT&T recently revealed its new data options for the prepaid GoPhone service. $5 for one prepaid megabyte of data and $10 for 5MB. Other data plans charge a half penny or a penny per KB, or about $5 to $10 per megabyte. Bottom ...

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