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Klout adds Passbook support and perks

The social app Klout has updated its iPhone app, with a few surprising features. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of Klout. It's gotten a little bit of a reputation for being spammy, and I think the way it rates influence is more or less meaningless. However, there's one feature of the new app th...

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Apple, Google opt out of app-rating system

Bloomberg reports that Apple and Google have opted out of an app-rating system announced by the CTIA-The Wireless Association. The system, which was developed and will be run by the Entertainment Software Rating Board, will bring a rating system to apps, similar to what currently exists for vid...

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iPad-equipped kegerator knows how much you've had to drink

Those wily engineers at Yelp have combined a scary amount of the things I love into one device. They've taken a keg and tap, an Arduino, an RFID reader, and an iPad and turned them into an amazing kegerator. The device not only tracks who's been drinking but also tracks information about the beer...

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iPhoneHellas: 2.2 coming November 21

According to, version 2.2 of the iPhone firmware will be made available on November 21. The site says that the tipster is "reliable" but offered few details. Gizmodo calls the site "consistently reliable." The tipster did say, however, that the update will not contain Greek keyboard ...

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MacThemes 2 public voting has begun

Phill Ryu writes in to tell us that public voting has begun for the latest MacThemes contest (in which three of the themes will be chosen to win $1000 in software and become available for ShapeShifter). There are tons of entries (55, to be exact), and they all look pretty darn good in my civilian op...

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Ask TUAW: Rating On-the-Go, multiple Docks, recovering icons and more

Wednesday is Ask TUAW time! This week we'll look at questions about the iPod's on-the-go features, multiple Docks, recovering icons, network disks, and much more. As always, please leave your own comments, and ask more questions for next week either in the comments to this post or using the tip form...

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macosxhints debuts hint-rating system

The 'don't-buy-a-Mac-without-it' has debuted a hint rating system, allowing both logged in and anonymous users to place a 1-5 star rating on each hint. As you might expect, their stats page now includes a 'Top 20 Rated Hints' section at the bottom. This should allow you to spend eve...

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