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Daily iPhone App: Rayman Fiesta Run offers break-neck fun

The Rayman series has always been about easy, enjoyable fun, and last year's release of Rayman Jungle Run was a great example of that. Now its successor, Rayman Fiesta Run, has entered the race, and whether you're a newcomer to Rayman or a seasoned vet, there's plenty to enjoy in this installment....

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Rabbids Big Bang lands on iOS on October 17

Once Rayman's mortal nemesis, the Rabbids will soon get their very own mobile adventure with Rabbids Big Bang, headed to iOS on October 17. According to a press release by developer Ubisoft (below), the game will span a total of 150 levels, offering outer space-flavored fun as the Rabbids pilot je...

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Daily iPhone App: Rayman Jungle Run

Rayman Jungle Run is the kind of iOS game that should be terrible. It looks from the outset like a blatant cash grab by Ubisoft, re-using the various sounds, graphics and gameplay from its popular Rayman Origins console platformer on iOS. But here's the thing: Rayman Origins is such a gorgeous ...

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