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Prevent iTunes web previews from opening iTunes automatically

Ever since Apple rolled out web previews for iTunes links several months ago, I've been meaning to find a way to disable those pages from automatically opening iTunes, which I don't usually have running. <del>These pages have a "View in iTunes" link already, so if I want to open iTunes, it'...

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TUAW Tip: Freshening Up 'Recommended Applications'

Reader Julius wrote in with an annoying problem: Whenever he tries to open a file by selecting "Other" from the "Open With" contextual menu item in the Finder, he's presented with a list of "Recommended Applications" that (more often than not) has the app he wants grayed out. Ideally, there would b...

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Ask TUAW: Open With, AFP, iTunes with cell phone, escaping iPhoto, and more

This week in Ask TUAW we'll be considering questions about the "Open With..." menu option, mounting drives over a local network, using iTunes with a cell phone, getting all your original photos out of iPhoto, and syncing files between a notebook and a desktop Mac. Remember new Mac users and Switcher...

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TUAW Tip: Change your default browser or default mail client without launching Safari or Mail

Scott may have ranted about this subject before and it's very possible that I have responded with these suggestions before, but since he gets a do-over, I get one too! I agree with Scott that Apple is just plain wrong in making its users launch Safari and Mail in order to change their default to som...

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