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Darth Steve deploys the RDF in latest Taiwainese news animation

This cinematic masterpiece is well beyond any comment or explanation we can provide, but I'll try. 3D animated re-enactments of the news are popular in Taiwan, and several top stories from the past few months have broken out as viral videos. In this case, the animators decided to give visual li...

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Found Footage: The reality distortion field, caught on video

Think Apple's products are "really great," "incredible," "amazing," "really easy" to use, "awesome," "terrific," "incredible," "great," and "amazing"? If so, it's probably because Apple told you that's what they were in last week's presentation. The above video's been making the rounds -- it's all...

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Apple Store team busy installing extra noise, additional funk

As has been widely emailed by our crack readers, the Apple Store is down as of midnight. We'd chalk this up to actual maintenance, but since it is officially Tuesday on the US East Coast, we'll give it the new-product benefit of the doubt. Some items, including Airport Express units and the Mac Mini...

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The Onion: Apple launches iLaunch

One things about Apple geeks: We're not afraid to make fun of our own fanatical devotion. Take this great article at The Onion which describes the latest Apple product, The "iLaunch:" "The iLaunch runs Keynote-formatted presentations in high definition through a built-in projector while displaying a...

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BBC: "Why I don't believe Steve Jobs"

Bill Thompson doesn't particularly like Apple. In his latest BBC News column, he manages to hit a bunch of anti-Apple notes: Apple is over-covered in by the media, Jobs single-handedly stole attention from the Consumer Electronic Show with the iPhone announcement, that Macs are regularly mentioned i...

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Analysis: Phone Keyboards - Out of the RDF

I guess I'm as susceptible to the famed Steve Jobs "Reality Distortion Field" as the next guy, but even during my initial viewing of the Keynote there was one thing that really bugged me: Jobs' claims about smartphone hardware keyboards. He said: "the problem with them is... they all have these key...

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Macworld 2006 Stevenote: boon or bust?

The dust has cleared, Steve's Reality Distortion Field faded away, and the Keynote is a mere memory. Now is the right time to ask you, our dear readers, if you thought this keynote was great or a yawn. On the showfloor reaction seems to be mixed, but I would have to say that more people are excited...

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I've got your Reality Distortion Field right here

My new favorite Mock Apple Web Page: Reality Distortion Field. Damn them for making the entire page an image! How am I supposed to gratify myself if I can't keep adding more G5 minis and iPod monos into my shopping cart??? BTW - did you know that "reality-distortion field" is actually an entry at D...

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