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Rdio app gets iOS 8 and CarPlay support, upgraded sound across subscriptions

The war between streaming services is great for consumers, because it's created an arms race of sorts between each services app's to be better than the rest. Todays latest upgrade comes courtesy of Rdio, featuring improved sound quality, CarPlay support, optimized visuals for iOS 8. On the...

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Rdio for iOS gets personalized music recommendations

In a continuing effort to beef up its app's features in the hope of staving off its rivals like iTunes Radio, Spotify and Pandora, Rdio has released an update that allows listeners to get personalized music recommendations. Recommendations work in a way that is similar to Apple's iTunes Genius...

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Rdio launches free service on iOS, Android

The streaming internet radio battles continue with an announcement today by Rdio that it has launched a free internet radio service in the US, Canada and Australia today. Rdio recently inked a deal with radio station owner Cumulus Media, which will start bearing fruit with the new service, as...

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Rdio teaming up with terrestrial radio giant Cumulus Media for new free ad-supported streaming

The New York Times is reporting that the subscription-based online streaming service Rdio has made a deal with terrestrial broadcast giant Cumulus Media to provide advertising and content. Cumulus, which runs 525 radio stations, will advertise Rdio on its own stations in addition to providing...

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Daily Update for September 16, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requires...

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Rdio family plans now allow for five people

Popular music-streaming service Rdio has announced that its family plans now allow for five people. Previously, family plans were limited to three individual users, something that could cause a bit of tension in larger families. In a blog posting announcing the move, Rdio describes how the new...

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In preparation for iTunes Radio, Rdio update gains radio stations

It's interesting to see how the streaming radio giants are preparing to counteract the rollout of iTunes Radio in iOS 7. Spotify finally released a web player in early June. Competitor Rdio unveiled radio stations for its iOS app today, allowing it to go toe to toe against Pandora, Spotify and...

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Twitter #Music adds new chart features

When Twitter launched its music discover service Twitter #Music last month, the service had a lot going for it. Spotify and Rdio support for streaming full songs, music discovery based on what was trending at the moment and the #NowPlaying feature that shows what your friends are listening to...

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Twitter #Music to debut later today (Update)

As reported by ABC News, the new Twitter #Music app will officially launch today. It will be available through the Twitter #Music app for iPhone and on the web here. Details are coming in this morning. A post has been published to Twitter's blog with a lot of information. The Twitter #Music...

Continue Reading releases Piki app, for music recommendations and streaming is one of the many social streaming music sites out there -- it allows you and your friends to stream music and even listen in together to your favorite albums and songs. The company already has its own standalone app for the App Store, but it's trying a new tactic now to grab...

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Rdio introduces social video streaming service Vdio

Online music-streaming service Rdio has announced the launch of Vdio, a new video-streaming service. Vdio is a pay-per-view service, unlike its sister program's "all you can eat" subscription model. The service builds off Rdio's social focus with Sets, playlists for TV shows and movies that...

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Senzari becomes Wahwah, loses web service to go mobile-first

Senzari is a Pandora-like Internet radio service, that allows you to listen to streaming music centered around an artist or genre of your choice. For a little while now, the company has hosted the service on its website, but it recently picked up another service called, and now is...

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Rdio for iOS gets a 2.0 makeover, revamped design

Ever-popular streaming music app Rdio has just received a pretty extensive makeover. As Engadget reports, Rdio's new 2.0 overhaul not only tweaks the app's aesthetic qualities, but also adds a few very welcome new features. Cashing in its old design for a much cleaner, brighter and Apple-esque...

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Rdio to launch in "all countries" in Europe within a few months

Rdio has begun spreading across Europe and other parts of the world, as the streaming music service now available in Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, and Denmark. After that, it's expected to head to Asia. Rdio's Scott Bagby told paidContent that the service will have...

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Apps for Valentine's Day

Image: Shutterstock Today's smartphones are, by their nature, quite versatile. It's impossible to guide every lover on Valentine's Day to the app for their particular needs, because despite the requisite "flowers, chocolate, *something*" expectations, we all do it differently. I tried to round up...

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