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Snow Leopard and Lion neck and neck on Thunderbolt file transfers

Macworld has been doing some more testing in Thunderbolt performance, this time between the Snow Leopard and Lion operating systems. The results say that if you spent that $30 on Lion just so your Thunderbolt connection would go faster, you probably wasted your money. Results weren't that diffe...

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Review: Dark Horse Comics' "The Goon: Chinatown and The Mystery of Mr. Wicker"

I used to collect comics pretty religiously when I was a kid (after all, there was a comic book store right across the street from the church my parents always took me to), and lately I've been thinking of getting back into the hobby -- there's something really magical about sequential art and word...

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Safari2OPML 2.0 - export your Safari RSS feeds

Safari2OPML is a handy utility that can export your Safari RSS feeds to a fairly standard OPML, good for importing into virtually any other RSS reader. I say 'virtually' only because, in my RSS travels, not all readers digest OPMLs alike. Even Safari2OPML's page at FreeSMUG (Free OpenSource Software...

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