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I'm afraid to tell you about Shrook, but RSS users deserve to know

As I write this article I am filled with fear. I'm going to tell you about the only RSS reader I have found that fits my style of browsing, but I'm worried that in doing so I will unintentionally curse it. You see, ever since the death of Google Reader, I've been searching high and low for an RSS ...

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Comixology adds options for subscriptions and bundles (update: Web app only)

Comixology is, as we've discussed here before, basically the premiere app for comic books on Apple's iPad. And now, the app (well, the web app at least) is adding one more feature to its already long list. Starting today, you can subscribe to your favorite comics right inside the app's web stor...

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WSJ: Facebook developing 'Reader', a Flipboard-like Twitter competitor for iOS

According to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook is developing a new app called 'Reader,' which looks a lot like Flipboard, at least in its current iteration. Reader will reportedly compete with Flipboard directly. The Wall Street Journal says that currently Reader is only being developed for iOS a...

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Feedly RSS reader launches cloud service

Feedly is a service that's risen in popularity recently for the most part because the much-loved RSS service Google Reader is coming to close on July 1, but the company is definitely doing its best to make a space for itself as something more than just an alternative. Today, Feedly released the ...

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Linden Lab releases Versu, an interactive fiction system for iPad

Linden Lab is best known for putting together the old social MMO Second Life, but more recently the company has been getting involved in tablet development, releasing its first iPad app last year. Today, Linden has released another app, and like Creatorverse and Second Life, this app is more of...

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Sony reader for iOS now available

If you own an iOS device and have for some reason been refusing to simply use iBooks for your e-book needs, Sony is swooping in just in the nick of time two-years-late with its own Reader app. The new app is rather basic in its feature set, with exciting bullet points like "Create your own bookmar...

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Daily iPhone App: Plume is a simple and charming social network-powered reader

Plume was recommended to me a while back by fellow TUAWer Brett Terpstra, and while it does look lovely on first site, it's one of those apps that really only shows its usefulness after a while. Plume is a reading app (currently for iPhone only) that pulls links and content automatically from...

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Next Issue offers all-you-can-read iPad magazine store

It's being called kind of a Netflix for magazines, and the description is apt. Five top U.S. publishers have gotten together to provide an iPad app that lets you read a great variety of magazines at a price of U.S. $9.99-$14.99 per month. The new company is called Next Issue and it's a rather bol...

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HyperPDF for OS X offers page-turning reader for PDF books

Why should iBooks have all the fun? The US$9.99 HyperPDF app for OS X from developer NeoMobili lets you turn PDF pages nearly as beautifully. Use swipe gestures to move through pages in the app's easily accessible "reader mode." That's not all you can do with HyperPDF. The app offers many of th...

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iPhone icon cupcakes look touchable, tasty

We haven't posted a really good iPhone cake in quite a while now, so here we go: Reader Tim sends in this set of cupcakes that his girlfriend made him for his 21st birthday, and boy do they look good. There are a few things that, as Apple obsessive, we would call out in there, including the fac...

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Free iPad comic tells the story of Operation Ajax

I've been reading a lot of comics on the iPad lately, and while I love my iPad for a lot of reasons, I think reading comics is one of the best reasons to own an iPad. The big, beautiful screen brings comic art to life exquisitely, most apps allow you to zoom in and out of bigger pages at will, ...

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Daily iPhone App: Alien Blue

Here's an app that lets you browse through the popular link board Reddit. You probably don't want to see everything there is on Reddit -- just like Digg in its day and other message boards like 4chan, some of the discussion over there can get pretty wacky. But Reddit is definitely a great commu...

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Adobe releases Adobe Reader for iOS

iOS owners have another way to view PDFs files on their devices now that Adobe has released its popular Reader app for iOS. Adobe Reader for iOS lets you open a PDF from any app that supports "Open in," including mobile Safari and iOS email. It'll let you open password-protected files and view ...

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AOL launches Editions into the personal-newspaper iPad app fray

Well before the iPad was even a gleam in the most ardent Apple-lover's eye, the marriage of tablet computing and a personalized newspaper was already a foregone conclusion/killer app in waiting. Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick even captured the possibility of the 'Newspad' in the 1968 classi...

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A visual history of NetNewsWire

NetNewsWire is, as Second Gear's Justin Williams says, "the elder statesman of the Mac OS X platform." Brent Simmons' newsreader has appeared on countless "must-have" app lists, and it was one of the most treasured pieces of Mac software since even before anyone outside of Cupertino knew the iP...

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