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Real Estate by Estately brings its beautiful house listings to your iPhone and iPad

Estately is an up-and-coming real estate brokerage based in Seattle that is bringing its business to the web and mobile devices. The service is known for having the best user interface in the business, beating out the bigger guys like Zillow and Refdin, which pack ads and featured agents into thei...

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RE/MAX Regional Services using Passbook for business cards

We've already seen Apple's Passbook app used for sports tickets, gift cards and boarding passes, but leave it to the real estate industry to embrace one of its more interesting uses: business cards. RE/MAX is partnering with digital business card provider Vizibility to offer virtual, Passbook-c...

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Daily iPhone App: Lovely is real estate searching made easier

I've been apartment hunting lately (I want a little bigger place, with the option to finally get myself a dog), and here in LA, it's not an easy thing to do. Craigslist is usually the listings tool of choice, but it's so gummed with spam and vague listings here that it can be hard, especially w...

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Microsoft hires ex-Apple real estate chief to consult on retail outlets

Microsoft's announcement that the company will open stores near the locations of existing Apple retail outlets came as no surprise to many people. After all, why not try to get a little overflow traffic from Apple Stores and sell a few Zunes in the process? Perhaps they'll have charming and pleasant...

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Stop manually maximizing your windows

This rant about Mac OS X, multitasking and usability is brought to you by the letter Q and a disgruntled design student: I heard something snap in my head today as I sat down at the back of an art history lecture hall (where outlets are, I follow) and got to peek over the shoulder of a girl using a...

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