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Daily iPad App: Total War Battles brings big-time RTS to iOS

I first saw Total War Battles (now out on the iPad and iPhone) at GDC earlier this year, and walked away excited about its potential. The Creative Assembly has been making phenomenal Total War games for the PC for years, with deep, intelligent war strategy across several time periods. Now Creat...

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TUAW's Daily App: Legendary Wars

I got to see Legendary Wars at Macworld last week, and it's a fun title. It has a good mix of many different game genres and a lot of solid game content to explore. At its core, Legendary Wars is a fantasy-based real-time strategy game, but there's a Plants vs. Zombies feel to it as you summon vari...

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TUAW's Daily App: Stenches

We talked to Thunder Game Works way back at this year's WWDC, and they mentioned that they were working on a zombie version of their popular Trenches war strategy game for the iPhone. And it's now out on the App Store. Stenches is much like Trenches in that you guide a group of World War I soldiers...

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Machines at War: light RTS

I suspect like a lot of you I spent a lot of time visiting family this Christmas season, and while I love to see the folks sometimes you just need a little break from the togetherness. Unfortunately, however, my road machine is a MacBook with its anemic graphics, so I went looking around for a dece...

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iConquer 2.4

iConquer is one of those applications that I can't have on my Mac. Is it because it is too lame to sully my precious Mac? No, hardly! iConquer has this uncanny ability to steal time. I side down at my Mac with the intent of doing some work and 5 hours later my eyes are blurry and I have lost the Su...

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