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You Don't Know Jack maker Jellyvision becomes Jackbox Games

Jellyvision Games has been making variations of You Don't Know Jack for a while now, which is of course the irreverant and very popular trivia game. The title originally began as a series of PC and Mac games, though, of course, Jellyvision has taken the series to consoles, and then more recently...

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AT&T announces expensive rebranding (sigh)

Stung by Verizon ads, and a slew of unhappy customers, AT&T is doing what most companies with image problems do: Fix their problems. Get a new logo. A new color scheme. New ads. "All of our communications across all of these channels is 'Rethink Possible' and this integration of design," Esth...

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Say Hello to the new TUAW

Almost four years ago, tuaw.com went live with a flurry of posts by future superblogger extraordinaire Barb Dybwad. Sporting our "default" theme at the time, The Unofficial Apple Weblog's design evolved into what you see today: a Mac-inspired theme with an upbeat, colorful logo. In the interim we'...

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