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The TUAW Daily Update Podcast for June 13, 2014

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get some the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the player at the top of ...

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Nest issues recall for 440,000 smoke detectors... sort of

The Nest Protect is hailed as the smoke detector of the future, with Wi-Fi connectivity, a connected app for your iPhone or iPad, and fancy features like being able to silence the device with a wave. Unfortunately, that last feature isn't so smart after all, as the company learned back in April wh...

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Replacement MacBook batteries recalled due to fire hazard

US big-box store Best Buy has issued a recall for third-party MacBook batteries due to the chance that they may catch on fire. The recall affects 5,100 third-party MacBook batteries sold by the company between September 2008 and June 2012. The batteries were manufactured by a company called ATG an...

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Daily iPhone App: Recall helps you remember that recommendation

Recall is an app that we were shown at WWDC last year, and it actually came out on the App Store last month, in a US-only release. But this week, the company behind the app has released it to a worldwide audience, and it's available now to everyone for a launch price of 99 cents. The idea beh...

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Hard drive recall emails going out to owners of 1TB iMacs

Apple's extension of the iMac 1TB Seagate hard drive replacement program was mentioned last Sunday, and late this week customers began receiving email reminders to schedule a drive replacement. If you're an iMac owner but not certain your machine is covered, you can easily check your serial number...

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Apple extends Seagate drive replacement program for iMacs

As noted by MacRumors, Apple's extended service program for iMacs with 1TB Seagate internal hard drives was updated late last week to include iMacs manufactured as far back as October 2009. The program, launched in the summer of 2011, originally covered only machines made during a narrow window of...

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Apple replacing recalled nanos with new models

In mid-November, TUAW reported on Apple's program to replace certain first-generation iPod nanos with refurbished models. The replacement program was designed to resolve issues with iPod nanos manufactured between September of 2005 and January of 2006 that could cause overheating and pose a saf...

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Jawbone refunds all UP purchasers whether they return the device or not

Complaints over the durability (or lack thereof) of Jawbone's UP wristband have led the company to the unusual move of promising refunds to all customers -- even if they decline to return the device to Jawbone. Jawbone says current UP owners can keep their wristbands, according to TechCrunch, s...

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Mophie, Best Buy recalls overheating cases

A couple of recall notices went out earlier today for Mophie and Rocketfish battery cases. Mophie is recalling the Juice Pack Air for the fourth-generation iPod touch. Affected models will have the first five digits of the serial number be between TR113 and TR120. Mophie said a small number...

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Apple issues recall for some iMac hard drives

Apple has issued notice of a recall of potentially defective 1 TB Seagate hard drives installed in iMacs sold between May and July of 2011. Apple has offered to replace the possibly defective drives free of charge until July 23, 2012. The drives, installed in 2011-model iMacs in both 21.5 and...

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Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cables banned by HDMI Org

HDMI Org, licensor of the HDMI standard, has demanded that Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cables be taken off the market because they are "unlicensed." According to TechRadar, the cables fall afoul of HDMI licensing standards which state that any cable with a male HDMI connector at one end must also ha...

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Current stock of Verizon iPad 2s being pulled by Apple?

Several posts on Apple's support forums suggest Apple is withholding shipments of a select number of Verizon iPad 2s. Details are sparse but shipments en route from China are apparently being called back to their destination. 9to5Mac was also reportedly told by a store employee that Apple has...

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Estimate: Full recall could cost $1.5B

The possible, yet highly unlikely event of a full iPhone 4 recall would cost Apple dearly, according to Tony Sacconaghi of Bernstein Research. He has issued a report with a US$1.5 billion price tag as his best guess. However, that's not what Sacconaghi believes will happen. Instead, he suspects A...

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As Apple's PR disaster grows, some say recall

Now that the iPhone has been in customers' hands for a few weeks, the antenna issue has been demonstrated time and again to be very real. Holding the lower left-hand corner of the iPhone causes a significant loss in signal strength. Those in low-signal areas to begin with will often lose their conne...

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Apple extends warranty coverage on flawed 2008 Time Capsules

Several sites are reporting that Apple has issued a Knowledge Base article in the Support Forums that notes that some Time Capsules sold between February and June of 2008 are subject to a recall eligible for possible repair or replacement due to the problems described. Should you have a Time Capsule...

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