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Piikki is the best receipts scanner I've used

I've become religious about tracking paper receipts over the last year (and can't wait until all receipts are digital). That means I've tried most of the big-name iOS receipt scanner apps. Out of all of them, an app called Piikki (US$2.99, universal) is my favorite. On the surface, Piikki is ...

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Daily iPhone App: Slice helps you track your online purchases

Slice is for the online shopper who likes to have everything right at his or her fingertips. If you take the time to set it up, the app will quickly become the central hub for your online purchases. You can organize your online receipts, track packages and even monitor recent purchases for pric...

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Five apps to help you file your taxes (updated)

With only a few weeks before taxes are due -- the federal deadline is on April 17, and many states have followed suit -- plenty of Americans are scrambling to file before the clock ticks away. We've gone and found five apps that will help you make Tax Day, and waiting for that refund, a bit eas...

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TUAW Sneak Preview: Doxie scanner from Apparent Corporation

Apparent Corporation, makers of the popular Intelliscanner barcode scanners, has announced that their new Doxie document scanner is in private beta-testing and on track for release to the public in November, 2009. Doxie is a USB-powered 600-dpi photo, document, and receipt scanner designed to i...

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NEAT Receipts for Mac Advance Release

Hey, slacker! You know who you are - the person who waited until 11:59 PM on April 15th to file your tax return. You've decided to get organized so you can file on April 14th next year. Windows users have had a leg up in the expense organizing world with a best-selling scanner/software combo called ...

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