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Tag: reception

Survey suggests Verizon's iPhone customers more satisfied than AT&T's

A survey of the differences between AT&T and Verizon iPhone customers shows what we knew all along: many AT&T iPhone customers are quite fed up with the phone network. All the main points in the Mobclix survey of iPhone users (taken in February) reinforce the conclusion: The larger...

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Rumor: Bumpers coming back to Apple Stores

Did you miss out on Apple's free case program for your iPhone 4? If so, you're out of luck. If you have reception issues with your iPhone 4, you can return it as usual, but at this point, Apple believes that everyone should know about the Antennagate issue, so there are no more free cases. This ...

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Analyst: Apple's Bumper case program a win-win for customers and shareholders

Analyst Shaw Wu with Kaufman Bros. says that, while Apple is likely taking a hit by giving away free cases and bumpers to iPhone 4 buyers (and the company is even extending the offer after the deadline to anyone who calls AppleCare), the program will likely be a win in the long run. Obviously, cust...

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Rumor: New iPhone 4 handset at the end of September

Honestly, I don't even believe this one, but it's our responsibility as an Apple news site to keep you updated on the latest rumors, so here you go: A Mexican tech site is reporting that a Telcel executive says there will be a new version of the iPhone 4's handset released as soon as the end of Sept...

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iPhone body armor case looks cool

Speaking of iPhone cases that look ... different, here's an interesting metal case for everybody's favorite smartphone. A company called Ltd Tools has created a metal, cage-style case that adds a flip cover to the phone and gives it a pretty distinctive look. I don't think it will be for everybody;...

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Survey: 73% of iPhone users are fine with AT&T's service

If you're the kind of person who loves quoting that ".5%" number given by Jobs at the press conference a few weeks ago as proof that AT&T's reception problems are overblown, you'll love this. A new survey released by Yankee Group says that 73% of iPhone users polled are actually "very satisfied"...

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Apple posts video showing antenna issue on Nokia N97 mini

Apple hasn't traditionally been a company that calls out its competition by name, but that's not the case with this Antennagate campaign -- it's posted a video and added information to its page calling out the Nokia N97 mini for suffering from the same issues the iPhone 4 is getting complaints ab...

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Crisis expert says Apple gets a C on iPhone 4 PR

Hilarious Taiwanese videos aside, just how did Apple do with last week's touchy press conference? Patrick Kerley, a communications strategist for a firm in Washington, DC, tells Computerworld that Apple actually did very well -- only it might have been too late already. He said that Jobs was very on...

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iPhone 4 press conference, by the numbers

Apple dropped a lot of interesting numbers during the press conference this morning, from both their own research and AT&T's data. Steve Jobs also said that three million iPhone 4s have been sold to date, so let's put this into perspective. .55 percent: This is the percentage of iPhone 4 u...

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The iPhone 4 Apple Press Event metaliveblog

Apple Press Event Welcome to our iPhone 4 live press conference event! Today we'll be metaliveblogging Apple's iPhone 4 announcements, adding our traditional TUAW twist to the proceedings. Will Steve Jobs offer a $29 bounty or free bumpers to all early iPhone 4 adopters? Or will the iPhone 4 its...

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Woz having reception problems, too

For all of his exceptional qualities, part of Woz' popularity these days lies in the fact that he is really the prototypical Apple fan -- he stands in line like everyone else, he postulates about Steve Jobs' condition, and he loves the products just as much as we do. So when even Woz admits to havin...

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As Apple's PR disaster grows, some say recall

Now that the iPhone has been in customers' hands for a few weeks, the antenna issue has been demonstrated time and again to be very real. Holding the lower left-hand corner of the iPhone causes a significant loss in signal strength. Those in low-signal areas to begin with will often lose their conne...

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Apple drops Consumer Reports/iPhone 4 threads down memory hole [updated]

Update 3pm Tuesday:Wired's Epicenter blog points to at least two threads referencing the CR story that have been left intact. Perhaps an overzealous forum manager has now reined in the urge? If you were looking for a message thread on Apple's support forums pointing to Consumer Reports' article '...

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Consumer Reports now 'can't recommend' the iPhone 4

After a recent positive blog post stating that the iPhone 4 reception issues were not something that should prevent someone from buying the new iPhone, the nationwide testing firm has now changed its mind and given a thumbs down to Apple's latest efforts. In lab tests, Consumer Reports says the ...

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Video evidence of the iPhone 4 death grip -- this time with real numbers

You wanted a demonstration? You got a demonstration; we've put together a video to show how the iPhone 4 antenna issue is not simply a result of Apple's miscalculation of how many bars are being displayed. Our own Erica Sadun wrote an iPhone app (at the suggestion of Engadget's Nilay Patel) to di...

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