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Flavourit for iPhone is a good-looking, digital recipe book

Flavourrit is a new recipe management app for iPhone that lets you quickly and easily create and store recipes as attractive, interactive cards that are searchable by title, ingredients and up to 46 subcategories. The beautiful app makes it easy to see exactly which ingredients are needed and whe...

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Two super simple DIY hacks for the iPhone

I've been reading the Unplggd blog from Apartment Therapy a lot lately, because I recently moved into a new place and am trying to fill it up with cool stuff. And someone over there must be an iPhone fan, because I've seen not one but two great and simple tricks for the iPhone there recently. The f...

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5 Apps for the weekend warrior

Getting through the work week is hard enough for most of us... but the minute Friday afternoon rolls around, there's a certain breed that face the weekend with a long list of "honey do" projects and household duties. Yes, the weekend warriors need iPhone app love too -- whether to help with those ...

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MacGourmet Deluxe sale about to expire

Getting this one in almost under the wire, MacGourmet Deluxe is currently on sale until the end of Saturday for $34.95 USD, about 30% off its normal retail price of $44.95. We've covered MacGourmet Deluxe in the past, and it was actually Dave Caolo's post that motivated me to give the software a try...

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First Look: SousChef stores your recipes, allows Mac to cook

There are plenty of recipe applications for the Mac, and at first glance SousChef is like most of the others. However, it does have some fine-tuning and refinement that sets it apart from the pack. The thing I like most about SousChef is the ability to use your Mac to view recipes while cooking, w...

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MacGourmet Deluxe is ready to go

MacGourmet is a very nice recipe organizer for the Mac that we've written about several times. It's definitely a far cry from the home grown database I was running on my SE. For the uninitiated, MacGourmet lets you organize your recipes and menus as you would expect. It also lets you publish of reci...

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YummySoup! 1.0

YummySoup! 1.0 is a slick new recipe management app with a silly icon, and that's just the way I like my icons. This app incorporates an online library of recipes, full screen recipe display (which comes in hand when one is cooking), smart groups, and support for multiple shopping lists. The shopp...

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Kraft makes recipes available for iPod

In all fairness, we saw Emeril do it first. Our friends at AdJab have discovered that Kraft has made more than 100 recipes available for download to your iPod in Notes form. Recipes include BBQ, drinks, desserts, sides and more. The portability is nice, I just wish there were a way to print these di...

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