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Tag: recognition

LookTel releases recognizer app for the visually disabled

LookTel, which came out with the Money Reader app last year that helps the visually impaired accurately count money, has come out with a new app using the same technology to help people with vision problems to identify common objects. LookTel Recognizer allows users to magnify items and store them...

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Mountain Lion may be able to scan a barcode, install an app

It's early days with the developer preview of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, but there are already a few interesting tidbits peeking out around the corners of the developer NDA. We've heard that the system includes a new 'CoreRecognition' framework and a 'CRCodeRedeemer' class, both of which appear to be...

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iPhone app helps the blind ID currency

Identifying different denominations of dollar bills has long been a problem for the sight-impaired in the US. A US$1 bill is the same size and shape as a $100 bill, making them hard to differentiate. Many use techniques like folding different bills into different shapes, but this doesn't help w...

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Papershow for Teachers introduced at Macworld 2011

Papershow made a big splash last year at Macworld during its introduction, and since then has apparently sold fairly well in business circles (the product is now being sold in Staples as well). This year, Papershow is introducing a new edition styled for education applications, called Papershow f...

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Shazam updates for iOS 4.0, adds subscription model for Encore features

The great Shazam app, which I'm still using after downloading it to my iPhone on day one, has released another update, bringing the whole suite of apps (including the paid Shazam Encore and the Shazam (RED) version) to version 3.3. This one updates the app for iOS 4.0 and includes Retina Display gr...

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Dragon Dictation and Search now updated, supports iPod touch

If you lust after Dragon Dictation [iTunes link] and Dragon Search [iTunes link] and own an iPod touch, your prayers have been answered. Nuance, the creator of both apps, now has updated versions of the free apps that allow 2nd and 3rd generation iPod touch devices to dictate and search all they wan...

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'Smart' photo-sharing site releases Mac OS X upload client

Riya is a unique photo-sharing site I remember hearing on Inside the Net (iTMS link) a while ago: it can look at your photos and learn to recognize things like faces and text, essentially bringing that whole Star Trek thing (or 'Minority Report thing', for those wearing tin foil hats) one step close...

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